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Time Management Tips – 3 Simple Strategies Reduce Holiday Stress

Taking some time for yourslef can help reduce holiday stressTime management tips are powerhouses when used in an assertive way. Does your free time just melt away as holidays approach? What about your stamina and your health? Protect your priorities and siphon off stress by using your Holiday Bill of Rights! Basing your time choices on these 3 simple yet effective assertive Bill of Rights makes the difference between exhaustion and exhilaration. Remember: when you draw upon your heart-based strengths, you often enhance significant relationships, too!

Your Holiday Bill of Rights

1. You have the right to shed stress (and safeguard your time) by deciding for yourself how you want to celebrate.

During holidays, others might call upon you to do things that simply don’t reflect who you truly are. Large family gatherings may increase requests for you to conform to old roles. Resist the temptation to give in to demands on your time and energy that run counter to your priorities. If you find it hard to remain authentic, create a pact with like-minded friends. Promise to remain honest and to not overextend yourself. When the urge to back-slide nags at you, explore what role you feel pressured to adopt. And ask yourself what simple steps you can take to remain grounded and true to yourself.

2. You have the right to budget your holiday time wisely.

Think of it like budgeting holiday expenditures. You start by blocking out a realistic time-span to take care of daily tasks. Next, factor in some time to take care of unexpected changes. This is especially important when people will be traveling long distances to meet. At that point, look at what time remains each day. It’s from the remaining time you base your plans for celebrations. When you budget your time wisely, you’re far more likely to remain healthy and relatively relaxed!

No matter how much you look forward to seeing others, count on yourself to meet your needs. If you decide you’d like more open-ended time, share your feelings honestly with friends and family prior to the social gatherings.

Are you an extrovert who becomes energized by others’ company, or do you find your stamina depleted by extensive social contacts? Give some thought to the optimal amount of time to spend with friends and family for each event. You can use your intention as a frame for your time instead of slipping back into old patterns to accommodate others. Suggest activities that won’t leave you feeling deprived. If you drive, consider using your own car so that you remain a free agent.

3. You have the right to enjoy without over-exertion.

Consider holiday challenges as welcome opportunities to update others’ understanding of you. The better care you take of yourself, the less you fear disappointing others. When you clearly state how long and where you want to

Share your personal plans in an open-handed way, and invite others to contribute their ideas and wishes as well! Fresh traditions take shape once you reach a consensus of what truly matters to all concerned. Sometimes the best celebration is embracing change with those you truly care about, and letting affection deepen as genuine sharing opens new doors. That’s when you know you’re making the most of your time.

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Offered by Paula Eder, PhD, The Time Finder Expert.

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3 replies on “Time Management Tips – 3 Simple Strategies Reduce Holiday Stress”

I love the idea of the Holiday Bill of Rights. It may be too far gone to enact it this year, but next year it will be my guide to keeping the stress out of the holiday season. Thanks Paula!

Hi Angela –

I am so glad that you found the article helpful. I’d just say that it’s NEVER too late to de-stress your holiday experience. You might try simply noticing when you feel stressed and then trying one small change to ease things.

Starting small is good! And as you practice and experience the benefits of self-caring assertiveness, you’ll be amazed at the impact it has.

Try extending these skills beyond the holidays and into the New Year!

To your time success …


Great advice Paula! I love the idea of a Bill of Rights, it really gives you a liberating feeling to call it like that.

I would also add to the list “you have the right to say “NO”. You don’t have to do everything, attend every social gathering, meet every single family member, etc. Holidays are for being with family and friends, but also to relax and gather your own thoughts and for that you need to be OK with saying “no” to other people.

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