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The Miracle: A “Magic” Ingredient To Clear Negativity Fast!

These days, everybody is searching for the ultimate “miracle drug” to clear negativity fast.  Have you been searching for that?

How to clear your money blocksIf you’re like most people, you feel stressed-out and burdened with emotions like overwhelm, fear, depression, anxiety, sadness, and “I’m not enough”.  You’re busy too, and maybe you don’t have time to practice meditation two hours per day!

The question — is there really a “miracle drug” or secret ingredient to “get unstuck” fast?

In my experience, there is a “miracle drug” that can dramatically accelerate the clearing up and cleaning out of all your inner garbage.  It works amazingly well when you know how to access it within yourself, and that’s what I’d like to share with you in today’s post, along with a simple but powerful meditation technique, so you can begin getting results right now.  Are you ready?

In my last post, I shared with you “the game” — a technique to clear negativity that works primarily on the “mental” dimension.  In today’s post, I want to address the emotional dimension of your being, and share with you another meditation technique that, when combined with “the game” (or any other core level clearing technique that really works) will dramatically accelerate your inner clearing results.  So without further ado, here it is:

The Magic Ingredient To Clear Negativity Fast!

The “magic ingredient” for accelerated clearing can be summed up in one word, “love”.  This might sound a little cliché, but it is absolutely true.  Love is the “secret sauce” that will radically accelerate your inner clearing like nothing else.

The more you love your stuck patterns (and your sense of self) the deeper and faster you set yourself free. But the opposite is also true. Without true love, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to make any lasting progress. The “catch” is that it has to be “real love” and not a phony substitute version of love. So let’s define what true love is and what it isn’t.

What Is True Love?

Like many things, the concept of “love” has been distorted by the programming of our culture to mean all sorts of things that really have nothing to do with real love. Popular music for example, is full of lyrics that imply love is a feeling of desperate attachment:

“I need you so much, baby – I can’t live with you, baby!” 🙂

Obviously that is not true love. That’s a feeling of needing someone else to love YOU in order to feel okay within yourself.  The real message behind the sentiment is:

“I need you to love me back in order to feel secure.”

Obviously this is not real love.  In fact, any form of conditional love is not true love. Any type of love for oneself or others that says, “I’ll love you, so long as you abide by my rules or meet these conditions,” isn’t real love.

Look closely and you’ll see this so-called love comes from a feeling of needing to control the situation or have things go a certain way.  Of course this doesn’t mean that boundaries shouldn’t be honored and respected. Or that we need to tolerate abuse or relationships that are not supporting us. It’s also important to understand that you absolutely CAN truly love someone whether you choose to stay in the relationship or not.

When it comes to “getting unstuck” and clearing out all inner negativity, anything less than true unconditional love for both the pattern and the sense of self, does not help. In fact, withholding love from ourselves and the stuck pattern *IS* another layer of the same stuck pattern!

Let me explain.

As we learned in “the game,” when we feel stuck in any pattern such as fear, sadness, overwhelm, blame or anything else, we’ve ALREADY made several assumptions which are not “objective facts.” The most important and basic is the conclusion that there is a “problem” that needs to be remedied.

Once we believe there is a “problem,” we tend to continue withholding our love from the pattern and our sense of self, which again only feeds and fuels the pattern.

Why Should I Love Something That Makes Me “Miserable”?

Now you might well question the logic of loving what you perceive to be “bad”. If you’re stressed out of your mind for example, why would you love the stress? If you’re 500 pounds overweight, why would you “love” that you feel compelled to eat donuts all day? If you think your partner is always acting like a pig, why would you love them for that? : )

That’s understandable, after all, if we love things we perceive to be less than ideal, it FEELS like we’re condoning, supporting, or even contributing to those negative conditions, doesn’t it?  But actually the exact OPPOSITE is true.

The more you internally resist anything, the more you are actually feeding what you perceive to be a problem. The more you drop your inner resistance to the way things appear, the more likely you are to take action that will actually help, rather than making the situation worse.

Imagine A School Bully…

The more you react to the teasing, the more you are drawn into conflict with the bully, which actually FEEDS the problem. Same thing happens in martial arts. The more tension and resistance you give your opponent, the more controllable and defeat-able you are to him, and the more of a problem you make for yourself.

taichi1On the other hand, when you “allow” your opponent’s energy (not the same as relenting) then you have the opportunity to effortlessly re-position and re-direct.

This is how martial artists from the east (and west) are able to effortlessly defeat opponents of much greater size and strength. This is a also big secret to clear negativity and getting unstuck too.

Remember, resistance never helps get rid of a problem. It only fuels and feeds it. Truly loving your pattern, and yourself the way you are, is the magic ingredient to clear negativity.

This profound wisdom has been with us for a long time, but I think we owe a lot to the founders of The Sedona Method for really clarifying our understanding of how all forms of “wanting” (resistance, wanting to change/control, wanting approval, wanting security, wanting oneness etc.) actually keep us stuck, and why love is the “universal solvent” that accelerates the releasing of all limitation.

What we’ve learned is that all conditional forms of love, resistance — in fact any desire to change, control or fix what we have concluded is a problem — is actually counter-productive.  Not only is it not helping.  It actually makes things worse. 

In fact, all forms of wanting and/or non-love feelings ARE stuck layers of the pattern we’re trying to clear! That’s exactly how we get stuck in the first place — in the layering of resistance across the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions of our being.

The answer then is love, pure and simple.

A Meditation Technique To Clear Negativity With Love!

relaxation-meditation-techniquesHere’s a powerful meditation technique to help you clear any pattern and grow your awareness and experience of real love. There are three phases or steps:

Phase 1: Accepting.

When you look inside, the first thing you’ll begin to notice is thoughts and feelings of resistance. “Oh, I don’t like that… That’s terrible… That’s awful!” or suchlike.

When you see that, the next thing you might notice is a layer of resistance on top of that, “Oh why is my mind doing that… How do I stop doing that?” Then another layer, and another, and so on. That’s precisely how we get stuck.

So the first step is simply to NOTICE resistance happening moment-by-moment, and to accept or allow that it is happening, to the best of your ability.

Again, wanting to stop the resistance IS another layer of resistance, so oftentimes the best you can do in the beginning is to ALLOW or give yourself PERMISSION for the resistance to continue (since it’s happening anyway).  If you find you can’t do that, then THAT is just another layer of resistance and so simply allow THAT to be okay. Ad infinitum : )

Fear not!  Just in seeing the pattern of resistance and accepting it to the best of your ability, you have already begun to slow it down.

Phase 2: Welcoming.

After noticing resistance and accepting it, you may begin to find a little more space to work.

The next step is to see if you can actually welcome the resistance into awareness. Like a friend is knocking on your door and you let her in with a sense of “friendliness”.  As you welcome, you’ll find the resistance begins to dissolve more rapidly.

Phase 3: Loving.

The more fully you can welcome resistance, the more you’re allowing an unloading of stored up patterns from the past.  Phase 3, and the highest form of welcoming, is to fully open your heart and love the contents of awareness as they are, without a desire to change it.

Whenever you feel stuck , start with Phase 1 as your default move. Then move up to welcoming and loving to the degree you find you can in the moment.

Once again, the more you can accept, welcome, and even unconditionally love your stuck patterns and sense of self, the more you are “making space” for the clearing to happen naturally.


If you’d like more one-to-one support, I highly recommend you book a “Inner Freedom Checklist” Session with either myself or one or our trained coaches. Working with a coach can dramatically accelerate your results!

I would also love to hear from you in the Comments below with any tips or insights that make this work better, or even any questions about this post, or ideas for future follow-on posts.


– Matt

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Thank you Matt. Your ”take” on matters resonates and your consistent strategies have helped me immensely…. in understanding and knowing what action to take. ‘

Hi Matt:

I’m intrigued by your willingness to share your insights, and grateful that you’re offering these blogs without subtle links to ‘financial freedom’seminars. I have recently engaged in discussions in a class I teach about the bliss of ‘not wanting’ and the difficulty we all face with that. Not wanting, if we even glimpse it, is fleeting. Your proposal of self love in this exercise, is also a tremendous challenge -though I also believe a worthy pursuit. A additional barrier to consider is the condition of feeling like an ‘Innocent victim’ and the seduction of identifying with this situation. I believe we innately see anyone in a victim role as deserving of our compassion, empathy, and protection. The victim, therefore, may identify with the warmth of this response, but get stuck in the powerlessness of living the life of a victim. How potentially comforting it could be to default to “Look what someone did to me” and be lured by the anticipation of compassion. The rut, of course, is that we place blame and responsibility on others. We can leave ourselves powerless to bring about change if we don’t take responsibility for our experience.
Thanks again -I always enjoy your insight.

Hi Fred – thanks for the comment. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult to come from a place of real love and what’s truly best for everyone, especially when our buttons are pushed. Matt

G’day Matt

Well documented and insightful.

To truly love, one has to not mind what they’re going to love,
this is like our partners, my wife is my bestest friend primarily before she is
my partner. To truly love, one needs to
not mind what they are going to love in any way, once you start minding the
effect they have on you, it’s no longer true love.

There is another point I would like to make, never rely on
outside influences to make us happy and loving, this should come from within to
be of true love and happiness. Many
people rely on their partners or other people to make them happy and loving, this
isn’t true love and happiness when we have to rely on outside influences to make
us happy and loving, it should come without question and boundaries.

Mat with one tee………actually it’s Mathew with one tee but I
get called Mat a lot…..door mat:)

Yes 🙂 And so appropriate for this post. I love your concept of loving the thing we are resisting. It makes it so much easier to surrender to it and accept it 🙂

Thank you for this posting! This is exactly what I needed to read and be aware/more mindful of. You’re timing on this couldn’t have been better for me.

well if I do this process…it’s because I WANT clearing…which is….wanting…which is a part of the problem…so it seems…nlo?

If I allow repeating negative patterns of pleasing others/ self sabotage to go unchallenged I deprive my very essence / soul of nourishment and feel depressed/ unfulfilled. I do believe Love is the answer but I feel that my being craves action to get past these self defeating patterns

Well said … amazing how the ego will slowly get you off course and forget this truth. Keeping this in front of us is critical to experiencing a successful and prosperous life…. thank you Matt for your focus and willingness to share.

Hi Matt,

This is the best explanation I have read on this subject. And it has helped me understand Uncondtional Love several notches above what I have been able to in the past. In fact it impressed me to order your Client Coaching this coming 4-18-2015or the 19th. I shall also be ordering some of your other programs.
Thank you for making your program prices where most any one can afford them.

Blessings from East Texas

Roy Jones

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