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The Importance of Rest and Relaxation

There are many ways meditation can improve your lifeFor those of us who are used to being constantly on the go it is easy to forget what it actually feels like to kick back and truly relax. There are many things which we do that we kid ourselves are relaxing when in reality this is not the case.

For example, we tend to assume that sitting on the sofa and watching the television is true relaxation. By comparison to zooming around the house doing various jobs it is indeed relaxing. But watching a horror movie is clearly not as relaxing as lying on a sandy beach listening to the sound of gentle waves upon the shore. What I’m getting at here is that the things which we think of as relaxing are usually seen in this way merely as a matter of comparison to other tasks and activities which we view as jobs, necessities, etc.

Not only that, we tend to simply fit our relaxation time only when everything else has been dealt with; it does not, for most of us, hold a position of priority. We just grab a few minutes to ourselves whenever we can do so. Ideally we should all put time aside to devote to true rest and relaxation but in reality few of us actually do so; we know it’s importance but we tend to ignore it.

And so when we do grab those few “stolen moments” the most important thing, I believe, is to use this time wisely. Make sure that you do make the most of these precious moments. A couple of times recently I spent time in the garden, sitting back, enjoying the sunshine and the gentle breeze, doing absolutely nothing except enjoying the moment. I realized that I really hadn’t done that for quite a while.

The benefits I felt were immense. I felt truly relaxed, calm and peaceful. This feeling should be actively sought and experienced by each and every one of us for some part of every day. We cannot always lie in the garden, or depend upon the sun putting in an appearance. What we can rely upon though is the power of our own minds.

We can, in our imaginations, create a perfect environment. As a child you will no doubt remember creating many an imaginary world for yourself and becoming absorbed in whatever scenario you were playing out. We have a natural ability, a natural talent, to imagine and clearly visualize situations. And this visualization triggers feelings that are very true and very real. The imaginary images which we choose to create result in the experiencing of real feelings.

And relaxation, calmness and peacefulness are feelings; feelings which are vital to our sense of well-being in this world. Hypnosis provides a mental environment whereby ones imagination and visualization skills become naturally enhanced, and so you can easily create a mental world where you can relax in an instant and reap the associated benefits.

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