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the good, the bad and the ugly?

I’ve got some good news…. and some bad news for some perhaps….

Let’s go with the good news first! 🙂

If you’ve been paying attention so far, you know that there are 3 major energy centers that directly affect your energetic vibration, and your results with meditation:

They are “Body”, “Heart,” and “Mind”….

Can you guess which of these has the most powerful, transformative effect in your meditation practice and your life?

ANSWER: Your “Body-Center” — the center of your Vital Energy and physical vitality! Let me explain….

Picture a car.

Most cars are powered by gasoline primarily. Even all the lights and electrical functions are powered by the battery, which is “charged” by gasoline-powered movement. So, really everything comes down to the “gas” in your tank, right?

In the same way, the Vital Energy in your Body-Center is the raw FUEL that drives the energetic centers of your Heart and Mind. When there’s no gas in the tank, you have more negative emotions and your mind is more agitated.

So boosting your Vital Energy is a wonderful way to quickly transform your entire energetic entire system.

Now imagine if there were “easy” ways to do this without UGLY “no-pain-no-gain” exercise.

… Which leads me to the good news I promised!

Kevin and I have decided to throw in this incredible bonus, when you get your copy of “Core Energy Meditation” today!

* The “Radiant Health & Vital Energy Toolkit” (Value $39).

These are simple meditation exercises to activate your vital energy center and boost your health and wellbeing. You get 5 guided meditations mp3s, each with an accompanying PDF introduction and guide:

– Inner Humming

– Rejuvenating Meditation

– Body Scanning

– Cultivating Vital Energy

– Meditation for Optimal Health

PLUS, a Bonus Video Training: “Energizing Qi Exercises”!

These guided practices switch on your body’s relaxation response and give you a glowing natural radiance.

Just a few minutes of these guided meditation exercises releases stress, increases your vital energy, and supports your body’s natural capacity to heal, rejuvenate, and feel joyously alive!

The “Radiant Health & Vital Energy Toolkit” is the PERFECT complement to Core Energy Meditation. You can do these short exercises whenever you feel like it…. or immediately before or after a Core Energy Meditation session to super-charge your results!

Now the “Radiant Health & Vital Energy Toolkit” is normally $39, but Kevin and I have decided to let you have it for free when you get the complete Core Energy Meditation System today.

That’s the good news.

The “bad” news is that we want to give an incentive for your positive action, and so this bonus is only available when you upgrade before SUNDAY, at 11:59pm EST. So it’s time to make a choice if Core Energy Meditation is for you or not.

Go here now, before the opportunity is lost in the shuffle:

Thanks, and enjoy your practice!

– Matt & Kevin

The Mind-Body Training Company

P.S. Remember, you’re fully covered by our incredible 6 MONTH “meditation that finally works” guarantee. But you do need to make a positive choice before SUNDAY, at 11:59pm EST if you want the bonus included with your order.

P.P.S. Here’s a private call Kevin put on back in 2008 for our Core Energy Meditation students. Check it out! Kevin reveals lots of gems that will deepen your insight and understanding about meditation, how to raise your energetic vibration, and live your highest and best life. Listen here —

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