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The Easiest Way to Release Stress!

Dancing is the easiet wasy to release stressEveryone has a stressful situation at one time or another in life but having the situation doesn’t mean you have to internalize the stress so you feel like you just want to run away.

There are ways to decrease and often alleviate the feeling of stress so that it is not doing any harm to your body or mind and one of the easiest ways to decrease stress is to move.

Before you do anything else, whenever a stressful situation occurs, take three very deeps breaths to release the tension in your neck and shoulders and take five minutes so you act instead of reacting.

Music is a great way to decrease and release stress. If it’s feasible just turn on the radio and dance. If you like to exercise throw in a DVD and exercise to the music.

Music usually creates pleasure and there’s enough variety that everyone has something to choose from. Whether it’s hits from the 60’s, hard rock or classical and everything in between, music is enjoyed by the majority of people and as you get older music can make you feel much younger.

Age is just a number!

When I say older, I am talking about people who are over 50 which is often when the numbers start to bother people which can causes stress and can make you feel much older. Learn to accept whatever age you are and you will feel way less stress. I’m 72 and when I learned to accept it as just a number, it made getting older much less stressful. It’s all about mindset.

Sometimes there are memories attached to music you hear. To lift your spirits and decrease stress choose music that has happy memories. You want something uplifting.  When you listen to music that conjures up lovely memories it tends to release the tightness in your shoulders and clear your mind so you feel more relaxed.

There is power in music therapy.

Music therapy is often used for a number of different challenges. The premise of using music therapy is to relieve pain by moving to the beat of pleasurable songs.  It’s different of course for each individual but usually the results are the same.

If it works for reducing pain it can also work for stress. For people who tend to bring work home with them or over analyze a situation, music is a perfect way to de-stress.

“Dance as if no-one is watching you!”

Dancing to the music has great benefits. You don’t have to be on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ to dance. Dance however you like it’s not a competition it’s about moving your body.

You can dance to music while doing work around your home making it feel less of a chore and at the same time you are getting exercise which releases endorphins to give you more energy.

The next time you are cooking dinner or reading a newspaper, turn on some music in the background. Even though you may not be concentrating on the music you might notice you feel more relaxed, maybe you even start humming.

Put on the radio or a CD when you are driving, especially if there is traffic and sing to the music. It’s OK if people see you tapping on the wheel or even hopping around to the music. It will make you feel great, giving you more energy to get more accomplished and it really decreases any stress in your body.

Music can put you in a different frame of mind so you are prepared for anything that may crop up during a day.If you have a home office you can do the same thing. But make sure the music doesn’t have vocals or it might distract you from what you are focusing on. Music also relaxes your mind and stops it from filling with negative feelings so you create relaxation instead of stress and anxiety.

People often don’t like or find time to exercise so if you dance that counts as exercise too plus it’s a great stress reliever.Dancing for ten minutes to your favorite song will get your heart rate up and also keep you in shape.

You have a choice about how you handle stressful situations so choose to do something that brings pleasure and doesn’t ruin your day. Try it and see what happens next time you feel uptight about something.

Hazel Palache is a transformation expert, clinical hypnotherapist and certified coach who uses coaching that includes hypnosis to teach women entrepreneurs 45+ how to move past fear and doubt so they create lives infused with joy, success and financial freedom.Additionally Hazel is the founder of Your Stairway to Wealth and also holds certifications as an NLP practitioner and stress management counselor. Hazel has had many successes both personally and professionally and is a compelling catalyst for self-empowerment, transformation and business success.

Hazel has been in the field of personal, professional and spiritual development for over 20 years. Her diverse background, her wisdom and energy make her the perfect mentor to empower those heart centered women entrepreneurs 45+ who are ready to create a life and business that is fun, fulfilling and fearless!

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These ideas sound relaxing – and fun! I’m going to find some time for music and dancing over the weekend. Thanks for sharing them, Hazel.

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