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The ANSWER (and winner)

On Friday, I announced a fun competition to find the huge “fail” in the meditation session we sent:

The results are in!

To win the prize valued at $530, you had to email the PRECISE answer to us before the 48 hour deadline.

Can you guess how many people got it right?


That’s right, not one person had the right answer.

Actually one person was CLOSE, which I’ll explain in a moment. But first, here are some of the wrong answers received:

“I heard Matt saying ‘STM’ at about 35:57 minutes of the recording rather than SGM. He also drop the word ‘super’ while he was mentioning ‘Mastering Meditation Course’ at about 37:09 minutes.” -Suzie


“LOL. I did not detect the large “goof” so obviously I need the help. The only thing I noticed was the “button below” was missing as mentioned near the end on the marketing message.” – Ron


“I think the mistake is the order you have listed the progressive stages: Awakening, Discovery, Surrender, and Flow. Honestly I am not positive of the correct order, but I think that is the mistake. Please let me know if I am right or wrong. Thanks and many blessings to you – Yvonne

“the way choquette was pronounced” – Kristina


“Hello, In the Introduction to the text version of the audio you write “learn more about he…..and responsibilities…… Is that correct? – Riel


“Yes, I spotted a mistake. Sonia Choquette’s most recent book is entitled ‘Waking Up in Paris’, not ‘The Power of Your Spirit.'”

…WRONG! (At least, that’s not the precise mistake I had in mind).


“‘We appreciate, these insights are not for everyone!'” That was mistake on your part. :)” Deanna

CLOSE, but not precise enough.

That said, this was the only answer we received that was even close, so congratulations to Deanna.

Deanna, you have been sent instructions to access a free 30 day trial of Spiritual Growth Monthly (No opt-in or card required. Your login details will be sent to your email and you’ll have full access.)


While I’m not ignoring the possibility that you guys are returning the favor and playing with me, I am a tad concerned that nobody got this right. So let me spell out exactly what my personal “fail” was.

The “fail” was the UTTERLY gross, incongruous advertisement at the end of Kevin’s wonderful Weekly Message.

If you’ve never studied psychology or persuasion, the ad used several shady, ego-driven tactics (such as implying that people who do not like our material are dumb etc.)

Suffice to say, I felt the ad was just not in keeping with the spirit of Spiritual Growth Monthly, or this Weekly Message.

So, the answer I was looking for was “the ad at the end”, or, you could have quoted some of offending language and I would have accepted that as a winning answer.

Thanks to all for participating. 🙂

Finally, I wanted to let you know that we just posted Weekly Message #2 in this series. You can listen to that here:

==> Go HERE, to get your new Weekly Message NOW


Matt & Kevin

P.S. Want to know how this even happened? Months ago, when I was feeling like Jan Quadrant Vincent 16 in “internet marketing” mode, I created a video sales presentation for SGM which never saw the light of day:

Last week, when it was time to prepare for this promo, for “convenience” I ripped 5 minutes of audio from the presentation and spliced it onto the end of Kevin’s Weekly Message. When it was time to broadcast this for you last Wednesday, I had the strangest feeling that I should leave the ad in place, even knowing how awful it was. I didn’t know why at the time, but now we do! 🙂

P.P.S. The “fail” (revealed in my email above) has now been removed from the first Weekly Message. Just for fun, if you want to hear the offending element again, here it is.