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The 4 “Levels” of Meditation (and the big mistake)

So many people are trying meditation these days, yet many are giving up on it before they’ve barely even started.

I believe this has a lot to do with a lack of understanding about what to expect. While many people come to meditation to release stress and find their calm clear center, meditation includes a wide variety of experiences and stages of practice.

It is important to understand the phases of meditation practice to know how to focus your attention and how to gauge your progress. In Core Energy Meditation we describe four phases of practice.

No matter what form of meditation you practice, it’s important to be able to recognize these phases.

The four phases of meditation practice are:

1. Preparation

2. Concentration

3. Awareness

4. Manifestation

Phase One: Preparation

In Phase One, you follow a sequence of meditation cues. You relax and align your posture, smile and breathe consciously, and imagine and feel your energetic anatomy. As you are able to do these four things well, you will move into the concentration phase, which is Phase Two.

You will know that you have achieved proficiency in Phase One when your body is relaxed, your mind is calm, and your emotions are balanced. You will feel de-stressed and pleasantly at ease.

Phase Two: Concentration

In the Concentration Phase, you feel life energy strongly and it attracts your attention so that you can focus intently. When you feel life energy strongly, it’s easy to keep your attention focused in that feeling within any area of your body.

Life energy will often feel warm or cool, tingly or electric, full or empty. The quality of feeling depends upon what is going on in the area that you are focusing on. “Allow” whatever feeling is happening without trying to change it. Your inner intelligence knows what to do. By practicing Core Energy Meditation™ you will learn to sense and trust your inner guidance.

If you’d like to try a short sample, click here.

You are proficient in the Concentration Phase when you can focus exclusively on a point, pattern, or energetic space in your body. You have mastered Phase Two when your attention is unwavering and the feeling of life energy is clear.

Your concentration skills will carry over into your life. You will be able to control your attention at will. You will be able to stay focused on what you want in your life and release what you don’t want. When your concentration is strong, you will move into the Awareness Phase.

Phase Three: Awareness

In the Awareness Phase, you become aware of “awareness itself” within any space that you have placed your attention. This is a more detached form of observation that arises from your concentration on specific energetic spaces.

When you reach this depth in your meditation, you will experience a great sense of inner freedom and peace. There is no mental chatter. Your subconscious, mental-emotional, reactive patterns have fallen away. They have lost their grip on your attention.

In this phase, you transcend your subconscious conditioning and connect with a deeper level of your being. You experience yourself as pure consciousness beyond form. Released from the perceived limits of individuality, you experience the open, clear, spacious awareness of the One Life that we all share. You attune to the Universal Field.

At this point, you are in a Core Energy State: your energy is strong, positive, clear, and coherent. Your vibration is raised to the highest level.

Once you are freed from perceived personal limits, you can freely manifest what your soul truly desires—your core possibilities, what you are here to do now:

Phase Four: Manifestation

In the Manifestation Phase, you first sense your core possibilities and then mentally project them into reality. To do this, you imagine, visualize, and feel them as present realities, as already manifested in the real world. You use all your senses to experience what life is like when what you desire at the core of your being is realized.

The ability to do this effectively comes from the inner freedom and the ability to imagine and feel that you’ve gained in the previous phases of your meditation practice.

When you are in a Core Energy State, you are in the perfect position to put the Law of Attraction to work for you. From your state of strong, positive, clear coherence you imagine and feel the full detailed reality of what you truly desire. Then you let your image go, trust the Universe to provide what is best for all, and take the core heart feelings of appreciation, gratitude, and trust with you into your day.

Core Energy Meditation™ is designed with scientifically proven cues that facilitate all four phases of meditation. If you practice consistently, the benefits unfold naturally. As with anything, you get out of it what you put into it.

Meditation is truly a practice that will reward you with the ability to consciously relax, choose your focus, release anything that no longer serves you, and manifest the life your soul desires.

If you want the rewards of meditation, and you’re willing to spend some time exploring it, you can learn more about Core Energy Meditation here.

Enjoy your practice!

– Kevin Schoeninger

The Mind-Body Training Company

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