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Ten Powerful Spots For Quick Relaxation Techniques

How to clear your mind of stressThere are numerous relaxation techniques out there. But where exactly do you apply these techniques? In what sequence?

In this article, I give you a very simple and direct method of relaxing down the body. If you have never done this before, I encourage you to try it right now. If you follow the directions, you will notice the results!

The technique I will suggest here is focus and deep breathing, but feel free to use your own favorite technique in this sequence if you like. Focus on the spot as you inhale, then as you exhale, allow it to relax.

Be sure you continue to breathe deeply. You might notice how the relaxation has a cumulative effect as you move down your body!

Relaxation Spot 1 – Work on your neck: your neck holds up the weight of your head all day. I don’t need to tell you how common neck pain is in America. When you develop these relaxation skills, you can let go of neck pain permanently! Notice the front and the back of your neck. Notice all the muscles around your spine. Notice any tension in the middle of your neck. Pay attention. Accept it. and then let it go.

Relaxation Spot 2 – Relax your shoulders: tension in the shoulders (and the trapezius muscles that connect your neck to your shoulders), goes hand in hand with tension in the neck. When you get a chair massage, this is where the masseuse will spend the majority of their time. Let your shoulders relax and move down. Notice any remaining tension. Smile into it, and then let it go.

Relaxation Spot 3 – Ease your arms: frequently, if you relax the shoulders, you will notice the arms becoming incredibly relaxed as well. It is good to still give them a quick scan, and for some people, a lot of tension can still come up in this area. Feel the relaxation flow down the arms. Notice each part of the arms, paying particular attention to the hands and the forearms. Notice any tension. Accept it. Then release all tension and move on.

Relaxation Spot 4 – Find peace in your chest: The chest and upper back are full of large and small muscle groups that can hide a significant amount of tension. Pay attention. Notice all the muscles around your chest. Notice all the sensations inside your chest. Notice all the muscles around your spine. Notice any sensations in your spine itself. If you notice any tightness, accept it, and then let it go.

Relaxation Spot 5 – Work on your stomach: The stomach and lower back can hide just as much (if not more) tension as the chest and upper back. Direct your awareness into your stomach and lower back. Pay attention to any tightness in your abdominal wall. Notice any tension around or in the lumbar vertebrae. Focus on it, then relax and let it go.

Relaxation Spot 6 – Let go of tension in your hips: There are untold secrets hiding in the hips. I never knew just how tight my hips were until I really relaxed my shoulders. Once I could see past my shoulders, I began to notice all the specific muscles in and around my hips. Pay attention to your hips, the very bottom of your spine, your tail bone, your buttocks, and your upper thighs. Relax and look closely for a while. Notice any tension. Smile into it. Accept it. Then relax and let it go.

Relaxation Spot 7 – Relax your thighs: The quadriceps are an incredibly large muscle group, and you put all your weight on them anytime you stand, walk, or run throughout the day. Let them relax. Focus your attention into them. Notice any remaining attention, and then let it go.

Relaxation Spot 8 – Relax your knees: At the junction of your thighs and calves, lies an area ripe for hard to find tension. It is very easy to skip over the knee, but I encourage you to pay attention. Knee trouble is also pretty common, so to avoid it, I suggest you focus in on your knees, and learn to relax them. Pay attention. Notice any tightness in the knees. Relax around it. Relax into it. Focus in. Let it go.

Relaxation Spot 9 – Let go of all tension in your calves: Your calves, just like your thighs, support your weight anytime you stand, walk, or run. Give them the attention they deserve. Focus in. Relax. Notice any tension in the ankles or calves. Accept it, and let it go.

Relaxation Spot 10 – Work on your feet: at last, the feet! Love your feet. Take care of your feet. Rub your feet anytime you can (or get someone else to ). Notice any tension in or around the feet. Accept it. Let it go.

When you practice this sequence of relaxation, it gradually becomes more and more a part of you. You will realize that you can relax more quickly and easily every time you practice!

This is a wonderful thing to do just by itself, but when you learn to integrate it with all the other skills you use in your life, you will be thoroughly shocked at the power of the skill of relaxation. I’m certain you will be more than satisfied with your results!

Benjamin Langley has been studying and training in meditation, NLP, hypnosis, yoga, and energy work for over 15 years. He regularly writes and shares powerful insights on his own blog. For more information on this topic, come take a look – 101-proven-tips-for-powerful-meditation/

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