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On Spot Techniques for Stress Management

Here is a simple meditation that anyone can doStress, we all encounter it and it can be seriously difficult to wind down. Trying to look after your children, do school runs, cook meals for the whole family, work overload, worrying about your weight or child obesity, or caring for a friend in need, whatever it is, or maybe its several things at once, it is essential to find time for yourself to unwind and relax. Stress can both affect you negatively in many aspects and make you overweight. It can be difficult to know what exactly to do to relax correctly. Here are a few techniques for stress management that will help you do just that, take a look!


Meditation has been a proven method of stress relief for several centuries. It is one of the best forms of relaxation and can be performed in a variety of ways including; walking, swimming, painting and knitting. A few simple minutes of meditation daily can help ease anxiety. According to research, daily meditation helps alter the brain’s neural pathways helping you become resilient to stress. Here’s one meditation method you can try out.  Sit up straight with your two feet on the floor and close your eyes. Place all of your attention on reciting a positive mantra. Place one hand on your stomach and synchronise the mantra with your breathing. Any distracting thoughts will float away from your mind and bring you to a place of pure relaxation.

Deep Breathing

Stress and tension often causes shallow, tense and deep breathing. A calm nature is often associated with this type of breathing. In order to convert this tension and turn it into relaxation try letting out big sighs, drop your chest and exhale gently through your lips. Inhale and exhale deep breaths. Repeat ten times and you will feel at total ease.

Green Tea

Many of us have a habit of drinking several cups of coffee or tea a day to help keep our energy levels in tip top shape. Well, maybe it’s time to consider going green. Research has shown that coffee raises levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Surely you would rather something that promotes and offers health and beauty, green tea does just that. We suggest you try out a traditional favourite, chamomile tea to help calm the mind and reduce stress. Regular black tea is also known for fighting stress. Drinking tea regularly means lower levels of cortisol and a greater feeling of calmness compared to drinking other caffeine based drinks.

Take a break

Adults need breaks too. So when you sense your temper is about to explode, we suggest you find a quiet place to sit down and eliminate whatever stressful situation you may be in. Take deep breaths and release tension, you will notice your heartbeat calming. Empty your mind and imagine silence, take your time and relax. The stress can wait.

Music & Relaxation

According to experts, listening to music can be one of the best ways to unwind, distress and relax. Music  is one of the best ways to calm oneself and soothe the soul. For optimum relaxation we recommend you listen to a classical tune and avoid metal, rock or hip hop. Listen to the music at a low level but high enough that you can still clearly hear it. Focus on the sounds and feel your heartbeat align with the tempo of the song, the calming effects are the perfect form of meditation.


Don’t get yourself down. Maintaining a positive attitude is one of the best ways to shift your heart’s beat from stressed to relax. So, you want to know how to do just that right? It may sound cliché, but think happy thoughts. Imagine things in your life that trigger positive emotions. Whether it is your family, your partner, your favorite personal belonging, item of clothing or a special memory, keep it safe in your mind. Think about it, breathe slowly and deeply, and you will consciously feel tense muscles in your body relax, allow y0urself to smile. It is simple but so effective.

Do not put it off and let the stress levels build up even more. Now is the time to relax and you deserve it! Follow our simple tips, and give yourself time to unwind on a daily basis, you will not regret and you will notice the positive impact on your lifestyle. These on spot techniques for stress management work – give them a try, we are certain you will agree.

Iveta Ivanova is a fond freelance writer with lots of interests such as healthy life, childhood obesity, preschool education, business and digital marketing. She likes seeing the positive side of everything to make the most of life.

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