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Take Vitamin B12 to Sleep Better and Have Less Stress!

Take Vitamin B12 to Sleep Better and Have Less StressMost women live in a fast-paced environment. We deal with work, kids, meal preparation, household chores, errands and so much more. Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each night seems laughable.  Even if we do manage to crash-land into our beds at a decent time, it is often difficult to shut our minds off.

Does that sound familiar?!  If so, it is no wonder you feel stressed, wrung out, and just plain overwhelmed with life!

Lack of adequate sleep is one of the biggest instigators of stress. However, achieving a peaceful night of rest is sometimes difficult to come by.

Why You Have Trouble Sleeping

Difficulty falling asleep can be caused by a variety of things.  One such factor is your circadian rhythms.

Have you heard of your internal clock? Your internal clock is just one example of your body’s circadian (or biological) rhythms. Your biological rhythms control many of your basic bodily functions such as your hormones and your appetite.

Your circadian rhythms are very important when it comes to your sleep schedule. Usually, your internal clock tells you that it’s late and you should get some sleep.  But if your circadian rhythms are abnormal, you will find yourself not being able to sleep at normal times or not being able to sleep for long periods of time.

Regulating your Circadian Rhythms

If your circadian rhythms are out of whack, you won’t be able to sleep. If you can’t sleep, your stress will begin to seem insurmountable. Everything seems more dire when we are exhausted.

Therefore, it seems obvious you must get your circadian rhythms back on track in order to sleep better and feel less stressed. But how do you do that?

Lately, studies have been surfacing that support the idea of using vitamin B12 injections to regulate circadian rhythms.

The first case of B12 injections used to correct sleep patterns was with a patient in the U.S. When he entered the US National Institute of Heath, he was found to have a slightly overactive thyroid gland. Knowing that patients with an overactive thyroid gland tend to have very low levels of B12 in their systems, the patient was given the vitamin injections.

This first patient found that the vitamin injections greatly improved his sleeping patterns.  Not only that, but when he stopped taking his routine vitamin B12 injections, he started experiencing disturbances in his rest again.

Another study found similar results.  After just 11 days, nearly 30% of participants reported they were able to fall asleep earlier, experience better sleeping patters, sleep for longer periods of time than before treatment began and just generally felt more rested in the morning.

Why You Should Try Vitamin B12

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, talk to your doctor.  See if vitamin B12 injections can help regulate your circadian rhythms.

This natural method of treatment is preferable for many women.  Often times, prescription or even over-the-counter medicines do the trick – they get us to sleep.  But waking up in the morning is extremely difficult.  Other patients find they can easily become addicted to these sleep aids.

On the other hand, vitamin B12 is an all-natural method of regulating sleep patterns.  The essential nutrient is already part of your diet and plays a vital role in many of your body’s everyday functions.

Unfortunately, diet alone is not usually enough to boost your body’s vitamin B12 storehouse.  Most people need vitamin B12 injections to supplement what their diet lacks.  The most common and effective form of supplementation is vitamin B12 injections.  Your doctor can writer you a prescription for these vitamin injections; you’ll soon be on your way to a perfect night’s rest and a noticeable drop in stress!

Would you take vitamin B12 injections to sleep better? Have you tried this or other natural sleep aids? Tell us about your experience and thoughts in the comment section below!

Mandy Eller suffered from circadian rhythm sleep disorders for years before finding relief.  After reading a report about using vitamin B12 injections to regulate sleep patterns, she decided to give it a try.  The vitamin B12 injections from this company made a huge difference; now Mandy enjoys telling other women about her positive experience!



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Good info, Mandy. For those not keen on any kind of injections, I might add that sublingual (under the tongue) B-12 tablets might be anoher possible option, since it doesn’t absorb well. I will certainly give this a try for better sleep. Thanks!

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