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Take Control of Your Life: 3-Step Formula to Unleashing Your Inner Power

woman smilingDo you believe that you just have to play the card life gives you and you have no way to take control of your life?

Well, if that’s what you believe, then you’ve probably found it to be true, although many would beg to differ.

If you’ve noticed, successful people in all walks of life tend to have a similar belief system… that taking control of your life is up to YOU!

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t… either way, you’re right!”… Henry Ford

Henry Ford was laughed at by thousands of people who didn’t believe that this thing called the “automobile” would ever really work. But he BELIEVED he could do it… and he was right!

Having said that, belief is really only the beginning.

I’d like to introduce to you a 3-Step formula to take control of your life once and for all…

1) Take responsibility for where you are right now in your life.

Do you believe that YOU are the one responsible for your own life? If you’re blaming others for where you are right now, this could be what’s holding you back.

Think about it; if YOU are the one who made mistakes in the past and have thus landed yourself in a crappy lifestyle, then YOU and only YOU have the power to release your inner power and get yourself into the life of your dreams.

You have been giving PERMISSION to yourself for years now that it’s OK to let people control you and run your life for you. You’ve been saying “it’s OK if I spend the next 20 years sitting at this same desk… I’ll probably want to work till I die anyway”. But then you’re surprised when the desk job isn’t available anymore.

When that happens, is it the fault of the company that just went under, or is it YOUR fault for not making higher standards for yourself?

I’m not trying to assign blame here – just want you to admit that you do ACTUALLY HAVE THE POWER within yourself to take control of your life.

2) Get a clear intention of what you want.

What do you REALLY WANT? Oddly enough, most people don’t know. I encourage you to dig down into your psyche and find out what you’re really passionate about.

I’m discovering that blogging has helped to release some of my own inner passions.

When you’re truly passionate about something you want, then wild horses can’t hold you back! But the problem is, we’re sometimes too busy just trying to make the people around us happy that we never ever stop to think about what we really WANT.

Try to think like a child and write down just a fast as you can everything that YOU want – without regard to anyone else – just like you’re writing a letter to Santa. Then look at the list and decide what you want most. Once you discover your passion, get a symbol in your mind that identifies with your desire.

For example, if you want to live on the beach, get a palm tree or coconut in your mind.

3) Focus on your intention every day.

With that symbol in your mind, focus on how you’ll feel with your desire. Now ask yourself, once I have that, what will I have that I don’t have now?

Drill down within your own psyche and discover the real meaning of WHY you want what you want. You’ll find that it’s actually something that’s really not even tangible…

… “More time with my kids” – “Nobody telling me how to run my life” – “The ability to sleep in whenever I want” – “Hangout out with my friends more” – “The ability to uplift others and change lives”…

Get the picture?

Once you’ve used this formula to take control of your life with total commitment to unleashing your inner power, take an honest assessment of yourself and your standards and beliefs at 6-month intervals…

I’ve found that listening to positive audio recordings on a daily basis has actually “tricked my brain” to thinking like a person with higher standards – and it’s actually made a difference on the lifestyle I now enjoy.

If you want to live a certain way, then look at the KIND OF PEOPLE who are living YOUR dream – and model them and strive to be like them with your beliefs and standards. I found that this formula was the way that transformed me from an insignificant mouse behind a desk to really making positive decisions to change my life for the better.

Author: Nancy Harnell. More information on for how to use visualization to take control of your life and get what you want is explained on my recent post. In a nutshell, I’m evolving more every day from this system that actually has a personal development method built in with a way of enabling you to earn while you learn.

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