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Take Back Your Control by Getting Back to Basics

Getting back to the basics with familyI’ve recently felt out of control and because that is not a feeling I particularly enjoy, I decided that while I can’t control a lot of things happening in my life, I can control a few things, namely how smoothly my mornings go, and what my evenings look like.

I’m not a morning person – never have been, never will be. I can force myself to wake up early if I need to, but I’m really not my best until 10 am.

So I’ve been setting out my clothes every single night for a few weeks; everything from boots and socks right to the accessories like gloves and scarves.

I’ve also been packing my lunch while I prepare supper so that I don’t only remember at 11:00 when I’m making my last cup of tea for the night on my way to bed.

I worked backwards and calculated that I have at least five hours from the time I arrive home to when I need to start settling down to sleep since I need a solid seven hours of good sleep to function well.

Those five hours are plenty to get everything done but not if I’m surfing on the internet for two of those hours.

I made a list again of things I both need to get done, and things I would like to get done.

I need  to get supper cooked/ heated, lunch packed,  set out food for the next day, eat and tidy the kitchen, and set out work clothes.

I also want to spend time with my husband and kids, blog, read, play with my photos and do a little extra something in the house (cooking an extra meal, organising a drawer, decluttering, wrapping presents, etc).

Five hours should be plenty for all of that… if you have a plan.

So far, the plan is working well. Some parts like the morning set-up have been working for weeks but the addition of intentional evenings has only been in place for a few days.

My coaching challenge to you:

1. Assess the various areas of your life.

2. Are there any areas where you need to get back to basics? It may be that you’re not getting enough sleep, or not eating enough fruits and vegetables, or not exercising enough.

3. Can you identify 1 or 2 small changes you can make to help your life run a bit more smoothly?

Marcia Francois is a time management coach and speaker who inspires busy women to break out of overwhelm, make the most of their time and take purposeful and focussed action so they have the time and freedom to live life to the full. Visit for your free Time Management Purpose Pack.

Article Source: Take Back Your Control by Getting Back to Basics

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