Deal With Stress

Stress Is a Tricky Business

Habits that crush usWe all face different challenges everyday and these lead to stress and anxiety when left unchecked. Stress is a tricky business, and the tricky part is that most often we embrace it as part of life and something we can never do without. While it is true that we are all faced with a multitude of tasks and responsibilities, we can all tackle them without having to succumb to stress and its negative implications.


Ways to overcome stress

  • Regular exercise

Nothing beats a good exercise early in the morning. Regular exercise not only helps you stay fit and healthy but it also boosts your energy and improves your mood. One of the most popular benefits of exercise is that is releases endorphins which are responsible for feeling happy; they call it a natural high. You will notice a great improvement in your mood and disposition if you make it a habit to exercise.

  • Breath of fresh air

Fresh air not only cools you off when you feel hot it also cools you off when your mood is either low because you’re lonely or bad because you are upset. A breath of fresh air does wonders in refreshing your mind and mood. Take time to take a walk every day when you can; take a break from your routine and step outside so you can enjoy a bit of nature.

  • Get into a hobby

One thing good about getting into a hobby is that you enjoy what you are doing while it takes your mind off the things that often cause you stress like responsibilities at home and at work; relationships and other matters of the heart. When you focus your mind and energy onto something enjoyable it helps you not only to divert your energy it also relieves the stress by making you feel good and happy.

  • Spend time with family

There is nothing more enjoyable than spending time with family and doing something fun together. There are so many things you can do together to accomplish this. Instead of focusing on domestic issues, plan an activity that you can all do together. Even a simple picnic instead of the usual lunch can become more fun. Plan a barbeque and invite other relatives or close friends so you will have a fun-filled evening and instead of having it in your dining room, if the weather is good, have it outside. Random activities such as these lure you out of the feeling of misery.

You can get rid of stress if you consciously fight it. Don’t psych yourself out and condition your mind that it is a part of your life. There are ways we can avoid it and avoid the more serious repercussions of stress. It helps if we are aware of these serious health issues brought about by stress. People are dying of illnesses such as heart failure, stroke and cancer; which are all caused by stress. If we consciously strive to attract more positive thoughts, positive energy flows through our mind and body; which results in perfect harmony and balance.

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