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inner-thoughts-improve-your-lifeStress Relief Games can make an unpleasant part of life fun. Frustration is part of daily life, like deadlines and slow traffic. It leads to more stress over time. A great stress management activity is to make a game out of it. Strategize being patient. Practice with low-stress situations like looking for your other shoe or the cufflink you couldn’t find the other night. Then work your way up to BIGTIME stress. Here’s how:

Pretend you’re a shrink of lost objects. Ask yourself, “If I were a lost (whatever), where would I have misplaced myself?” Answer your question with reasonable responses such as “I usually toss it on (wherever) or if I’m good I put it away in (name it).” Then have fun chatting aloud as you, yourself and whateveryournameis look for the missing item. Be sure to look under furniture, between cushions and in the clothes hamper. Smile in the mirror after you find the item or simply to celebrate not blowing up in anger if you don’t find it. Keep that look on your face as long as you can. Use it on people when you see them.

Indulge in a daydream. It’s a real stress-buster. Make that dream goal-oriented and you might find yourself realizing solutions to things you haven’t considered yet. Here’s another stress-buster: The Personal Pain-O-Meter. Imagine the face of a dial that registers frustration from 1-100. Mentally focus on the red arrow and force it down, lower, lower still… yep, until you’re at a comfortable level no matter the situation. Your pain at facing delays will reduce with the fun of knowing that you don’t need to fall apart over disappointments. I bet you’ll reach 50 or lower, reducing your frustration by half or more!

Oops – what if the stress-busters above don’t work for you? Some of the physical symptoms of stress show up in tight muscles and pain. Stress toys can help. Squeeze a small, sturdy ball in your clenched palms as you increase your muscle mass. Flex and extend your fingers, arms, toes, feet and legs slowly and repeatedly until they feel soothed. Shake out your limbs and send that stress to outer space.

There are other ways to deal with stress. Breathe deeply, and then blow out unhappiness as you exhale. Breathe increasingly slowly, more deeply, and consciously soften your exhalations as you repeat this exercise five or six times. Exhale. Slowly bring your hands down, then reverse your palms downward. Breathe in. Raise your arms palms facing down, above your head. Reach higher, then as high as possible. Loosen your spine. Gently stretch right, then left. Bring your arms down and simply breathe. Ahhh…

Mindfulness based stress reduction can foster goodwill. Use it by giving someone your place in line at the post office, bank, in traffic or other setting. Appreciate the person’s joy and relief at your kindness, you hero you. Pick a helpful mantra such as “I am increasingly patient” or “Patience is my name, patience is my game.” Stress Relief Games like this can make you very popular, and even lower your irritation level. Your ability to tolerate the stress of long lines will grow with your level of kindness. Meditate.

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