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Stress Relief During the Christmas Holiday Season

Ease the stress of holiday shoppingAs wonderful and beautiful as Christmas can be, it also can be a time of high-stress for many.  The holiday can involve complex social interactions, big money, and unrealistically high expectations of oneself.  Here are some tips from to help you minimize your stress levels during this busy time of year!

Plan Ahead – Do not overestimate how much you can accomplish Christmas Eve and early Christmas Day!  From food prep, to wrapping to shopping, pace yourself and do as much in advance as possible.

Shop Online – for as much as you can!

Know When to Stop – decide when you will stop your Christmas preparations and start to relax and enjoy the holiday. Work towards and try to stick to this goal, even if it is in the late afternoon on Christmas Eve. Remember that Christmas is your holiday too.  That goes for spending too.  Avoid a January financial hangover by budgeting what you can realistically spend on gifts etc.

Keep Calm – Play some relaxing music and burn some scented candles, incense or aromatherapy oil. Take a relaxing hot bath to unwind.  If you can, meditate once or twice each day.  Just focusing on taking deep breaths for even 3-5 minutes can be a great stress reliever.

Seating Arrangements – If there is someone coming to dinner that you dislike, avoid sitting opposite them and instead seat them to one side and opposite somebody who they get along with better. Invite a few more reasonable people along as it will help dilute any stress caused by relatives. Think about this strategy at an office party as well.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol – Most de-stressing articles will tell you to avoid alcohol altogether but, let’s be realistic, it is Christmas!  Just be aware of overdoing it and hydrate with water between drinks just to be sure.

Make Time for Exercise – Christmas is, for many, a time of excessive eating and drinking and exercise can be easily overlooked. Diets are particularly popular in January! Exercise is a great way to reduce stress as it burns off hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline and helps produce mood-enhancing endorphins.

Have FUN – Remember it’s your Christmas too so try to relax, laugh and have fun. If you do find others around you difficult then try to rise above the situation. If things don’t go to plan try not to worry too much, instead laugh about them and make them into fun memories that you can talk about during Christmases to come 🙂

By Susan J Bohenko

As a Professional Organizer and Certified Life Coach, I work with my clients to create a clutter-free environment and lifestyle. Because of the relationship between one’s physical environment and one’s habits, behaviors and state of mind I encourage my clients to continue our relationship beyond the physical organizing process through Coaching, providing the support they need to achieve the lifestyle they want. For additional information please visit my website

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