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Stress Relief – 5 Best Tips to Reduce Stress

4Stress has become an integral part of our lifestyle. We cannot live a single moment without stress. However, not all stresses are always bad. In practice, there are good stress and bad stress. For example, you can not perform well in your exam, if you are not going through a minimum level of stress. However, you exam can turn to its worst, if you experience too much stress.

According to psychological definition, the objects of events, able to produce stress, are known as stressors. Stressors are responsible for producing stress in our life. Stress relief thus refers to the mechanism or condition by using which we can either eliminate or minimize the effect of stressors from our environment. This article sensibly focuses on the various available attributes that offer stress relief condition.

Stress is a psychological factor that influences a being essentially in three ways: biological, psychological and social. Although various medications are available claiming to provide beneficial result in stress relief, but none of them are proven to be more effective than yoga, meditation, and other relaxation technique. Whenever we experience stress, our body undergoes thorough varieties of hormonal and biochemical alternations. Prolonged exposure to stress can result in permanent alteration of biochemical processes in the body.

If you do regular exercise, it may help balancing biochemical products within your body system and may promote a healthy balance between body and mind. The exercises that are particularly useful for stress relief are deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, yoga, tai chi, massage therapy, normal exercise, and sensory approaches.

Deep Breathing Exercise

Practicing deep breathing exercise can reduce stress to a great extent. Deep breathing exercise not only involves the lungs but also portions of abdomen. If you would like to experience abdominal breathing, the first thing you need is to sit comfortably with straight back. Then you put one hand on your stomach and the other one on chest. Now as you inhale, you may experience a rise on your stomach. At the time of exhale, you need to extract air from your body by contracting your abdominal muscles. This stress relief exercise can be practiced anywhere in combination with any other relaxation exercises like music therapy or aromatherapy.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

You can practice progressive muscle relaxation exercise along with deep breathing exercise. In progressive muscle relaxation, you need to perform a controlled contraction and relaxation of muscles. It is absolutely recommended that you should loosen your outfits to make it really comfortable. Now you need to make your toe muscles tight for 10 seconds, then relax them slowly and enjoy the experience. You need to move slowly to other parts of the body gradually. During this process, you need to breathe deeply but slowly. It will provide you an exquisite experience of stress relief.


Meditation helps you to focus your mind on to a particular focal point. It indeed helps you to develop a condition called mindfulness. Mindfulness is a condition when you can have an optimum control on your random thoughts pattern, sensory input, body sensations, response to environmental stimuli and many other psychological processes.

Guided imagery or visualization is an integral part of meditation in which one is allowed to visualize a scene to feel at peace. This allows letting go all of the anxieties, concerns and tensions.


Yoga is such an ancient practice that works essentially in three levels: psychological, physiological and spiritual. The goal of this practice is to attain the state of completeness. There are significant varieties of yoga and each of the components include spiritual element. Most remarkable among all are asana, pranayama and hatha yoga. Yoga offers a dynamic peacefulness within a being. There is no possible adverse side effect of yoga. However, yoga should not be practiced without the guidance of yoga master.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a form of martial art, originally evolved during 13th century. In its contemporary form, it is practiced to offer calmness in mind, body rejuvenation, and stress reduction. The main aim of the practitioner is to focus on the breathing pattern and to keep the awareness in the present.

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