Deal With Stress

Stress related health problems and how to avoid them

This woman is missing the joy in lifeStress is the natural response of the body to every threat, coming from outside. It indicates that some negative changes in the body are happening as a result of the intense work and the body tries to handle the situation. Some of the stress related health problems, connected especially with long-term stress are asthma, heart disease,  obesity, Alzheimer’s disease , diabetes, headaches, depression and anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, accelerated aging. Unfortunately if neglected it can lead to premature death as a last stage of the condition.

Some of the practices we can do to avoid stress and thus the stress related health problems are to avoid the unnecessary stress, where possible, focus on the positive side of things, be more organized, don’t overwhelm yourself with too much tasks, make changes in your environment like cleaning, listen to relaxing music, aromatherapy. There also some activities that help with stress relief like taking a bath, practicing your favourite hobby like swimming for example, trying something new, all outdoor activities you enjoy, laughing, drinking a cup of tea, getting a massage. Some changes in the lifestyle should be done as well. These are to eat healthy food, regular exercises, long enough and deep sleep, all yoga and meditation practices are perfect, developing healthy relationships, positive thinking etc.

High blood pressure lead to heart problems and diseases, which are all caused by high level of stress. Obesity and smoking can also cause heart diseases, but they alone can be as a result of stress. So it is all connected, once you remove the cause you solve many of your health problems. Many cardiac problems including heart attack can be inflicted by stress situations, that people encounter every day.

Stress can also trigger asthma, as well as making the situation of asthma sufferers worse. It leads to excess fat in the belly, which is caused by the production of higher level of the hormone cortisol in the bloodstream. Stress can worse the condition of diabetes sufferers by starting to eat unhealthy food and drinking too much. It also increases the level of glucose of people with type two diabetes. Other stress related problems are headaches including migraines, anxiety and depression.

Stress doesn’t cause ulcers, but it makes their condition worse. However it can cause chronic heartburn, which is one of the factors for the ulcer to appear on the first place. It also aggravates Alzheimer’s disease and by reducing it you can delay the disease. High level of stress accelerates aging, while lower levels, on the other side, makes people age slower.

Stress is a physical reaction, which includes increasing of blood pressure and pulse. Also the bloodstream starts to produce hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These indicate that there is some kind of agitation and disturbance in human’s body. It is proven that cleaning your house helps you clear your thoughts and mind, which is a step to stress relieve. A house or office full of clutter can cause stress alone. On the other hand cleaning all the unnecessary things will clean your mind. The environment you live and work in seriously influences your state of mind. Dirty and untidy workplace may cause a mess in your brains as well. The best results in cleaning can be received by doing it while you listen to relaxing music. This technique has the most astonishing results on human mind. Thus you combine the useful with the pleasant. But if you hate cleaning you could always hire a company like House Cleaners London to do that job for you.

Positive thinking has a very good influence on your mind. It reduces stress. If you know the reason for creating a stress condition you better avoid it if possible. If you can organize your routine by arranging your tasks by priority, this can spare you many headaches. Aromatherapy, meditation, eating more fruits and vegetables, yoga and other eastern practices also help. All of your outdoor hobbies, deep sleep do the same work.

Stress may not be the only reason for the illnesses and health conditions most people suffer from, but is one of the most important factor for triggering them. It makes our health condition worse, especially if we constantly neglect it.

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