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How Stress Can Affect Your Sex Life

unhappy-marriageStress is one of those words that people over-use in their everyday lives without fully understanding. Being stressed can stem from large events such as having to move, weddings, or other life altering changes, or it can stem from small events like writing a blog post or forgetting to take out the trash.

No matter how small or large the event, the stress that it causes will make your body go through unpleasant thoughts, moods, and affects your sex life.

Stress Can Affect your Sex Life in Six Ways

We all know stress can have significant effects on our life – gray hair, difficulty sleeping, weight loss (or weight gain), mood swings and more. Rarely do you take the time to think of how stress can affect your sex life – and the sex life of your partner.

#1: Negative Self-Image

When you are stressed you see the world in a more jaded way. This causes your self-image to become negative. If you view yourself negatively it is less likely that you will have any sex drive. Your partner loves the way that you look, and you should always love yourself, so become passionate about the other person rather than worrying about yourself and go for it.

Sex is a stress reliever as well as a work out, so your body image will rise after sex creating a positive cycle instead.

#2: A Stressed Partner

Your stress levels as a woman effect more than just yourself. If you are in a long term relationship or married, your stress levels directly affect your boyfriend or husband as well. Being a stressed female can cause you to

  • lash out on your significant other
  • develop marital problems
  • feel undesirable or never in the mood for sex

If you have high levels of stress, you man will feel stressed too. He might also experience depression. Both of these emotional responses can lead to erectile dysfunction. In fact, between ten and twenty percent of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are unable to perform because of their stress levels.

#3: Low Libido

Stress releases the hormone cortisol. This hormone being released constantly cancels out our hormones that run our libido causing our sex drive to diminish (learn more about the relationship between cortisol and sex drive). You should always get rid of the root problem which is stress, but try to spark up your romantic life with candles and dinner dates to get that sex hormone pumping again as well.

#4: Distorted View of Your Relationship

When you are stressed, you internalize everything. You begin to question yourself, your relationship, and your husband. If you have doubt about your relationship you are less likely to have sex. You stop communicating your feelings and thoughts, and become withdrawn causing a wedge in your relationship in all areas. Remember to talk to your husband or significant other because they are supportive of you. They can help you see situations in a more positive way, helping to relieve the stress rather than worsen it.

#5: Alcohol Abuse and No Physical Desire

Stress can lead to too much drinking to dull the stress. This in turn can lead to a cycle of bad sex because alcohol dehydrates the body and dulls our senses leading to no orgasm and eventually the desire to have sex is gone.

#6: Infertility

If you are stressed, your hormones can become imbalanced. This imbalance causes problems with the pituitary glands, thyroid, adrenal glands, and your ovaries. This imbalance in your ovaries can cause temporary to permanent infertility. It can also cause problems with the menstrual cycle.

Reduce Your Stress and Save Your Sex Life!

For the sake of your relationship, you really need to find a way to manage your stress. Do whatever works best for your lifestyle and personal preferences – long walks, yoga, meditation, therapy, time away from the kids, or a new job.

By reducing your stress, both you and your partner will enjoy a healthier sex life!

Rachel Studer is a health and fitness blogger. She often shares tips from her own personal experiences. For example, Rachel and her husband recently established the cause of his erectile dysfunction – stress! They found this article about erectile dysfunction – as well as a session with a therapist – extremely helpful. When she isn’t writing about her sex life, Rachel pens articles about topics like weight loss, nutrition and other women’s health issues.

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