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Stress and How It Affects Us

tired and soreBelieve it or not, stress can actually be considered a good thing. When seen in light of human history, stress was used as a tool to facilitate the survival of individuals and families.  The “fight or flight” response is a good example.  When we are faced with an immediate threat, humans-like other animals-make a split-second decision of whether to stand their ground or run away.  Survival is often determined by the choice made.

In today’s society, we have less of a need for the fight or flight response.  Sure, stress is helpful in situations that call for immediate action, such as when you get that boost of adrenaline that causes you to hit the brakes and avoid a car accident; but in general, we don’t need to decide whether to fight a wild animal or run away-at least not on a regular basis.  The problem is that our bodies still react in very dramatic ways to things that are not life threatening.

For example, when you are facing a deadline, you will likely feel some stress about it.  This can be a good thing, as it will help motivate you and keep you on track to meet your timeline.  On the other hand, the deadline is generally not a life-or-death situation, despite the signals you may be receiving that tell you otherwise.  Unfortunately, our bodies react more to these signals than to the reality of the situation.  The body dumps tons of hormones and other chemicals into your system, and the very things that would have helped keep you alive in primitive times can now work to slowly poison you.

Did You Know?

Stress has been found to cause or worsen all of the following:


•Cardiovascular disease

•Weakened immune system



•Lack of concentration

•Sexual dysfunction


•Back/Muscle pain


•Poor work performance

•Substance abuse

This is where the line between work and life can become even more blurred, since stress resulting from working too hard can be compounded by your home life, as well.  A difficult relationship with your spouse can add to your stress level, for example, and make only semi-important things at work take on whole new levels.  In addition, many people-especially women-feel an added burden when it comes to dividing their time between work and family.

Children complicate the situation, and many adults end up feeling as if they are “living to work” rather than “working to live,” and that their relationships with their children suffer as a result.

By Andy Machin

Achieving a healthy and effective work life balance can help you in many ways and is an important life skill in today’s busy world. For more tips on how you can get your work life balance in order please visit and start to make a difference in your life.

Article Source:Stress and How It Affects Us

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