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Stress at the Airport – 5 Ways to Have a Relaxing Flight

We are all looking for ways to have a relaxing flightFor many, flying is one of the most stressful ordeals to go through. Everyone seems to be late, confused, or stuck waiting for hours.  There are certain things you can do to reduce stress at the airport, and make the whole process a lot more convenient, even pleasurable. Here are 5 ways to have a relaxing flight, from handling check-in queues to cramped seats:

1. You are what you eat

Vitamin B injections have been a secret amongst Hollywood stars for years. As one of the most important ingredients in staying alert, energetic, and keeping your body from feeling lethargic, they’re one of the best boosts you can get whilst travelling. While Hollywood injections may be slightly over the top, you can get the same effect from eating foods that are rich in vitamin B and omega 3. Shellfish is a great source for vitamin B12, whilst ground flax seeds and fish oil are two excellent ways to get more omega 3 in your body.

2. Get up, stand up

Moving your body is one of the very best ways to get rid of stress. If you have some favorite yoga poses, taking a few minutes to do them before taking your flight can make you relaxed and calm enough to handle even the most stressful flight. Putting yourself in a calm, relaxed mood will make the typical trials of the airport seem much less difficult to handle. Simple stretches that get your blood flowing can save a lot of the tiredness, cramps, and discomfort that inevitably arise from sitting in hard seats for too long. If you’ve got to wait hours in between flights on a layover, walk around, explore, maybe there’s a nice relaxing coffee shop or restaurant nearby, you don’t have to spend every minute at the airport stressing out about being late – so make the best of the situation!

3. Block the noise

A big part of what makes the airport feel stressful is the fact that it’s a full-on sensory overload. The huge flows of people, the constant noise, and all the other stressed people can create a tense, anxious vibe.  With a good set of noise cancelling headphones, you can block out all of the couples fighting and babies crying. Keep yourself calm in your own world by throwing on a few of your favorite songs, a funny podcast, or an interesting audiobook – make sure you keep one eye on the boarding time!

4. Be comfortable

Everything’s better when you’re comfy! The airport isn’t a fancy restaurant, it’s not a first date, it’s not dinner with your boss, so don’t worry about trying to impress anyone. Dress for comfort and avoid one of the most common mistakes people make when flying. Soft clothes that allow your pores to breathe and your blood to circulate can make for an entirely different experience to rigid shoes, tight-shirts, and stiff jeans – especially if you’re unlucky enough to have a flight delayed!

5. Pack lightly

Carrying around the extra weight of luggage that you don’t need is simply adding unecessary stress. If you pack smartly and only take the things you need, you’ll float through the airport a lot faster. That won’t guarantee that your flight will be on time or that the queues won’t be long, but at least you’ll be able to deal with any situation that arises more effectively, as well as avoid those overhead baggage troubles on the plane itself. Always remember to read the regulations regarding luggage on your flight thoroughly. Most airlines have this information readily available online.

3 bonus tips

Here are three more quick tips to help you deal with airport stress.

  • Book your hotels and other accommodations ahead of time so it’s not something you’re stuck doing last minute.
  • If you need to rent a vehicle, get it sorted out ahead of time.
  • Have all your important papers like credit cards, traveler’s checks, passports, maps, and other ID all in one place so you can grab them quickly without having to scramble and forget things at the last minute.

Have fun!

Originally from London, Johnny Peters has worked as a designer in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. He hated flying for many years before he discovered Virgin lounges and iPhone games. He is currently working on personal projects in his adopted home of Brisbane, Australia.







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