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Starting The New Year Off Right – 6 Tips For Getting In Shape

Riding a bike for local errands is one of the tips for getting in shapeA fit and healthy body is within reach for those who are willing to make some small dietary changes and commit to an exercise routine. The rewards of being physically fit extend beyond an having an attractive physique – mood, stress and energy levels can be greatly impacted. People that achieve their fitness goals often realize that they also have the stamina to pursue and reach some of their other lifestyle goals.  Here are 6 tips for getting in shape and jump-starting a lifestyle of fitness (and all the benefits that come with it):

1. Enlist Support

When beginning any type of lifestyle change, it is always helpful to have a group who supports the change. This could be an encouraging family and friends, like-minded online acquaintances or a workout partner. Budget permitting, a good nutritionist and personal trainer are also great resources for those seeking long-term fitness results.

2. Make It a Hobby or Better yet a Habit

When people have an enjoyable hobby, they tend to find time to do that activity – no matter what. They get so much satisfaction from the activity that they spend hours engrossed in it. People who find enjoyable fitness hobbies like swimming, tennis or gardening have the opportunity to form a great fitness habit for life.

3. Gradually Increase Intensity

It is important to maintain your routine even if an exercise partner decides to skip a few sessions. Your new habit must also be enhanced with increasing ntensity in order to  build muscle mass and improve stamina. Slowly pushing the body harder, while protecting the ligaments,  is the best way to meet one’s long-term fitness goals.

4. Eat Real Food

While packaged foods seem convenient and many may be marketed as healthful, it is best to obtain the majority of calories from whole foods. A plant-based diet filled with unprocessed foods nourishes the body best especially,  as workout intensity increases.

5. Participate in a Charity Marathon

If you reach a plateau in your fitness routine, it is a good idea to set a goal  – like participating in a marathon. To adequately prepare for an event like a marathon, training will automatically incorporate exercise drills with increased variety and intensity.

6. Replace Driving With Walking or Bike Riding a Few Times a Week

Ditching the car a few days a week not only saves gas money, it is also an effective way to burn more calories during the week. Walking or biking to work, school or shopping  strengthens the  cardiovascular system and helps to control weight.

Tricia is just a mom and a blogger from California who loves her family and hiking. She recommends using KT Tape for you sports injury needs.

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