Deal With Stress

Something that might help, enjoy!

Greetings 🙂

When inner or outer events threaten our inner balance, what is the best thing to do?

(You may have noticed that “solutions” offered by the ego often make things worse!)

I have found that sometimes it is helpful to RETREAT from “external events” for a time, and HOLD to the Freedom that you are at you Core. Often you can prevent any loss of your inner equilibrium if you are quick to the point.

In the following free video training, I demonstrate 3 ways to quickly calm your mind and rest in the Freedom that you are at your Core. Here’s the link to watch and enjoy:

==> 3 Ways to Rest in the Freedom at Your Core!

I hope you enjoy this free video training, and if you want more like this, please let me know and share it.



P.S. The benefits of watching this short meditation training are two-fold:

1) By the end you’ll have at least 3 different Inner Clearing techniques to add to your tool-chest (it’s always good to have OPTIONS!)

2) Just by following along, you’ll gain great experience using these techniques for yourself (very important!) I even share with you a method that will allow you to do it all on your own, without the need to listen to a guided meditation. Check it out here: