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Six Ways To Make Your Life Easier If You Stress About The Small Things

6 Ways To Make Your Life Easier If You Stress About The Small ThingsLife is full of distractions and many opportunities to see the proverbial glass as either half empty or half full. Allowing yourself to feel stressed about every small detail can really complicate your days and rob you of joy. Read on for six ways to make your life easier and gain some peace.

Gratitude Journal

Start the practice of recording your thanks in a journal. In the beginning, you may want to set a goal for yourself to write one to three things in your journal daily. Doing so causes a positive shift of perspective, and you will most likely find yourself actually looking for the good in situations, rather than focusing on the bad. Also, by reading and reflecting on your entries, you can see that there is much more to be thankful for than to stress about.

Get Rest

Sometimes lack of sleep can cause a tendency to blow things out of proportion. Be kind to yourself and discipline yourself to get enough rest and to stick to a routine sleeping schedule. You may find that your waking hours seem much less stressful when you are fully rested.

Get organized

If you are feeling stressed out because it is difficult to locate items or to get out of the door on time, then it is time to get systems in order, both for time management and for actual physical possessions. Make sure that you de-clutter. Do this room by room and keep an ongoing donation bag or bin in an easy to access location. Prepare ahead by writing down what you need to do the next day the night before, and laying out the next day’s outfit the night before. Always plan to arrive early and follow the rule of only handling paper once, and then putting it in its designated place.

Get An Alarm System

If your sense of unease has to do with safety issues, get an alarm system and some peace of mind. Post a sticker notifying anyone outside of your alarm system. Just having an alarm system on the premises is enough to keep most burglars at bay. It can also alert authorities in the event of a break in or even a house fire when you aren’t home, keeping your stress levels down while away from home too.

Learn To Say No

Too much stress can signal too much on your plate. Learn to wait before giving a yes or no to someone. Take time to really evaluate your priorities and carefully weigh the pros and cons of various commitments. It is healthy to say no to some offers, and to guard your personal and professional boundaries.


Healthy exercise habits help you to sleep better and to gain clarity in the thought process. Consider also incorporating exercising outdoors to gain the added bonus of fresh air and allowing nature to stimulate your senses.

There is no denying that life can seem like a fast paced balancing act, but there are healthy ways to manage all aspects of your life well. Do what you can to alleviate stress, and also identify and acknowledge stressors as they occur. It’s important to also acknowledge and pledge to react in a beneficial way to them.

Author Bio: Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She writes about health, family, home and business. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing. Informational credit to Astro Guard Alarms Vancouver Ltd.

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