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Six Liberating Bucket List Items for Someone with a High-Strung Personality

6 Fears That Are Causing Unnecessary Anxiety In Your LifeIf your life is a tension filled roller coaster ride, developing a bucket list that best fits your personality can be something of a challenge. In one respect, you will want to choose items that help you to indulge yourself in a great experience. At the same time, you will also want to choose items that help to reduce your stress and overall tension. At first, this may sound like a somewhat conflicting set of criteria, so here are six suggestions tailored for high-strung individuals:


1. Meditate (at Least Once)

Those with high-strung personalities tend to write off practices like meditation, and assume that this is not their “style.” However, if you are constantly stressed and taking life too seriously, trying meditation just once might change your mind. Do a little research about meditation and learn different techniques. Then, try meditating on your own—just once. You will likely find that this is a great source for stress relief, and a nice break in the day. At the very least, you’ll be trying something that is a bit out of your comfort zone.

2. Sail around the World

When was the last time you took a truly liberating and relaxing vacation? Are you the type of traveler who is stressed the entire trip because you are planning itineraries, taking care of the kids, or stuck in an unhealthy sleep pattern? Even if you have a high strung personality, the salty air and rocking waves will help your stress and cares to fade away. With many cruise ships there will be loads of entertainment and even a relaxing massage or two along your journey to make the experience all the more pleasant.

3. Write in a Journal (for at Least One Month)

You know you have been thinking about this one for years. Sure, it might take a while to put words to paper, but writing journal entries can benefit you in countless regards. Not only will you have an outlet for your thoughts, frustrations, and memories, but you’ll find that you are more well-rounded person when you can reflect on your past and take a closer look at your life. If your high-strung personality has kept you from writing in a journal, add this item to your bucket list, and enjoy an entire month of self-exploration.

4. Spend an Entire Weekend Outside

If you find the fast pace and stress of the city a little overwhelming at times, then getting back to nature may just be the ticket. Those with high-strung personalities are typically scheduling every second of every day—and rarely unplug from their phones or computers. Spending an entire weekend in nature will allow you to unplug, throw the planning book out, and just be. Enjoying a little time outside can be a serious source for stress relief, and a freeing experience—so don’t pass this one up, even if it makes you uncomfortable.

5. A Mission Trip

Another great idea for your bucket list involves focusing on the needs of others, rather than staying so focused on yourself. Visiting a foreign land and helping the native people improve their living conditions can provide an overly stressed out person with a greater appreciation for life. It can also provide you with the knowledge that you did something truly amazing to benefit the lives of others.

6. Learning to Dance

Just because someone told you that you have two left feet, this does not mean you cannot dance. Aside from being a great form of exercise, dancing can help a stressful person to get lost in the music and forget about life for a while. No matter your skill level, you can easily “dance off” a stressful day when you sign up for salsa classes, a Zumba course, or even ballroom dancing.

For someone with high stress levels and tense personality traits, it is important to engage in activities that will allow you to let loose and get out of your comfort zone a bit. After all is said and done, you may even come to realize that the stresses of life are not as hindering as they used to be.

Author Bio: This article was written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves to write for health, family, and women’s interests. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters. You can find even more creative bucket list ideas at

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