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Self Care This Christmas

De-stress your holidaysChristmas is a time of giving. Thinking about what you can do for others, spending more money than usual on others, cooking for others, attending social events – sometimes out of obligation and travelling miles to be with family and friends.

It’s a great time to act selflessly, but if you are already running on empty due to a tough and busy year, your focus might also need to be on self-care to get you through the silly season. Self-care is not about being selfish or self-centered. It’s not “all about me” it’s “me too.”

How can you come to this balance of caring for yourself while giving to others at Christmas time? Look for win-win solutions; solutions that will be good for you and good for others. To do this you might have to let go of old ideas of how things traditionally “should be” and look for new solutions that “could be.”

Know your limits; how much are you genuinely willing to give of yourself this Christmas without feeling stressed or regretful. Look for balanced ways to spend your time, energy and money – ways that are good for you, good for others and good for the greater good.

Take some time to exercise or be alone to help compensate for the extra food and socializing.

Avoid over doing it this Christmas by focusing on self-care. See how good it makes you feel to honor yourself among the Christmas chaos.


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