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The Secret Diary of an Aspiring Meditation Master – October 2014, Week Three, “The Freedom of Pure Consciousness.”

BeautyWelcome to the third week as we follow Kevin Schoeninger’s guided meditations based on the book, You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter, by Dr. Joe Dispenza. From his own experience, as well as 30 years of research and observation, Dr. Joe has been able to document how “miraculous” physical healing can occur through the power of our own minds.

In a way, “our own minds” are not really where the healing comes from. As Kevin explains, Dr. Joe’s three steps toward healing are far more about leaving the idea of our individual minds, bodies, and personalities behind, and instead relaxing into a greater universal and divine consciousness that is the source of all possibilities, and all life.

Sound a little familiar? Different religious traditions have all touched on this concept for millennia. Little phrases about having faith, letting go, or “losing one’s life to find it,” all went through my head as I read Kevin’s article. Even after years of religious practice, we may believe in the power of believing, but still have little idea how to attain the faith we need.

Oddly enough, new discoveries in science and medicine are allowing us to observe this kind of faith in action. We can actually see changes in our brainwaves that occur along with the healing process. Particle physics tells us the space inside and between atoms means what we think of as matter may not be matter at all. (And while the mind’s ability to impact something substantial like a physical organ sounds pretty impossible, impacting one little subatomic particle doesn’t sound nearly as hard.)

From his own life and research, Dr. Joe has observed what goes on in the minds of individuals who experience remarkable physical healing, and simplified it into his three steps, which we can all experience with meditation practice. The first step was to relax our analytical minds and bodies with the Open Focus meditation, which Kevin guided us through last week. The second step takes us through that again, and then moves us toward an experience of Pure Consciousness. What we find there is what Kevin calls “the domain where quantum physics meets mysticism.”

This second step is where many of us may dig in our heels, and write off the idea as hocus-pocus. We may even refuse to try. And if you do try, I’ll tell you right off. Your ego isn’t going to like it. You may even feel a physical reaction that fights you for a while. But if you can relax and stick with it…even for a few moments…you ego may realize you are not in danger, and even enjoy the feeling of empty space, and letting the weight of the world drop away.

What makes the experience of Pure Consciousness so hard at first is that we must let go, for at least a few moments, of who we are as individuals, with all the things that identify us to ourselves and the world. Kevin admits this can feel a little scary. But what if this identity we have created is what is limiting what we can experience or achieve?

A totally mundane example shows up in weight loss advice all the time. “You can’t become thin,” they tell us, “as long as you see yourself as fat.” Coaches train their sports teams to believe in their abilities, and not to focus on the last dropped ball.

If we define ourselves by what we can’t achieve, because of our size, upbringing, family, education, physical coordination, or state of health, we will never be able to get past that. It is only by reaching out, Dr. Joe tells us, and feeling ourselves once again as a part of the greater creative oneness, that we can lose our failures and weaknesses, and “rest in the arms” of the pure consciousness where unlimited possibilities begin.

Don’t be disappointed if it’s not a quick fix.

Following Kevin through the Pure Consciousness meditation can relax you, and make you feel better, especially if you are under a lot stress, or overtired. If you are truly ill, those moments of deep relaxation will help your healing process, but don’t give up if the flu isn’t gone in an instant.

I am reminded of a line in the Psalms somewhere, “you knit my bones together in my mother’s womb.” It may be helpful to think of healing one stitch at a time. Healing does take time, but the more you practice touching pure consciousness, the more effective each stitch will be.

A personal observation.

I have a few days between when I first read Kevin’s post and when I write to you about it. That gives me an opportunity to listen to his various meditations a few times and observe how the experience goes.

I admit, I balked a bit at this one. Not on purpose. But I have felt my brain resisting the Open Focus portion, and over analyzing how to define “space.” Oddly enough, while trying to think only of space, I became acutely aware of my skin and the muscles in my face, and then every little ache in my body.

When I began to move into the Pure Consciousness step, even while my brain was scoffing at the idea, the sensations I had felt seconds before simply went away. Somehow my body seemed less important, or beyond my awareness. The meditation doesn’t take long, so I can’t say I spent a lot of time mentally out there in the cosmos, but I thought it was worth noting how quickly physical sensations…even pain…can change.

Kevin has a link to download each meditation on the Spiritual Growth Monthly website. That is an easy way to access these on a daily basis, and the more we do it, I have no doubt, the easier it will get.

I encourage you to read his entire article, and for those who would like to learn more, you can also follow the link he provides for a free pdf of “The Tao of Physics” (Shambala, 1975) by Fritjof Capra.

Next week Kevin will complete the third step of Dr. Joe’s healing process meditation. I hope you will join me.

You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter, (2014) by Dr. Joe Dispenza, is published by Hay House, Inc.


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