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The Secret Diary of an Aspiring Meditation Master – November 2014, Week Five, “SGM Special Report: Multiply Your Manifesting Power”

manifestingWith five Sundays falling in November, Kevin Schoeninger has brought his Spiritual Growth Monthly readers two bonuses for the month; a radio interview, and a special downloadable report that ties the themes of “physical intelligence” with how we can include it for “10 Simple Tweaks” to reduce stress and improve how we feel in our own personal world.

I use the phrase “personal world,” because as much as we would like to “change the world,” or solve problems we see on the national news, every step we hope to take to make the world a better place, has to start with the place where we are. Our personal perspective colors everything we do, and as new research reminds us, even how we interpret what we see or think we know.

The more we understand about how our perceptions are formed, the more we can recognize the influences of our environment, and adapt them to our needs. Over the past few weeks, Kevin has been exploring the book Sensation: The New Science of Physical Intelligence (Atria, 2014), by Thalma Lobel, Ph.D. According to Dr. Lobel, ideas we may have long thought of as simple metaphors…the good guys wear the white hats, little girls look sweet in pink, thinking outside the box, cartoons of light bulbs to signal a new idea…are truer than we may have ever realized.

Our brains, research suggests, think automatically in metaphors, and react to physical sensations on a subconscious level, whether we are paying any attention or not. If you have followed this series, you will recall how a warm drink makes us feel warmer to other people, or a hard chair can make us harder to deal with.

So, why should it matter if a bunch of clichés we heard growing up turn out to have a grain of truth? Well, consider the possibilities. If we understand that our environment affects us more than we may have realized before, we can see how changing our environment can change how we feel about ourselves…and how we feel about the rest of the world around us. And changing how we feel, changes the actions we take.

What we need vs. what we want

Kevin’s special report, entitled “Multiply Your Manifesting Power!  10 Simple Tweaks At Home & Work To Create Wealth, Health, & Peace Of Mind,” gives an excellent overview of this topic, and shows simple ways to incorporate this knowledge of physical intelligence into our daily lives. I found, exploring these ideas, that I could see examples of how this works everywhere I turned.

In particular, I started thinking of how often we create our physical environments or direct our actions, around what we think we want, rather than what we actually need. We know we should exercise, for example, and maybe even accept that it will make us feel better, but if we are rung out at the end of the day, what we want may be to flop on the couch, or overindulge in food or drink until we are too numb to move.

What the concept of physical intelligence tells us is that the softness of the couch does in fact give us comfort, but that if we turn to the wrong food or drink…or even simple sloth…that softness can lose its value. We may just be craving rest, or the warmth of a cozy room. If our bodies actually “know” that we need certain colors around us, or certain sounds, or textures, then we will never feel we quite fit in our environment, if that environment isn’t what we need.

I suppose this is a little like the concept of Feng Shui. Or that creepy feeling when your back is facing the center of a crowded room. Maybe we need to wear colors that make us feel more in control. Maybe we need to lighten up. Making any of these changes in a conscious manner is also more empowering than the off chance that we occasionally get it right.

Kevin gave a good example of this idea in his radio interview. He said his day goes better when he practices meditation in the morning. He has come to know himself pretty well, it seems, and accepts what his body and mind both “need.” When we ignore these kind of needs, or substitute something that doesn’t really satisfy us, our physical intelligence may be trying to tell us we are on the wrong track.

Do you think there might be things your physical intelligence is trying to tell you? Are there changes you might make in your routine, or what you eat, or even whether or not you make the effort to clean your house? If we look around, the possibilities are everywhere.

Self knowledge is a wonderful thing. But just knowing ourselves is not enough if we ignore what our sense may be trying to tell us. A few simple changes might open up a whole new world. It seems worth a shot to me.

Kevin’s special report is available through The Mind-Body Training Company, at It is worth reading and returning to.


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