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The Secret Diary of An Aspiring Meditation Master – Week Two, “Unlocking Your Intuitive Power”

imgWelcome back to the second week of traveling along with Kevin Schoeninger’s weekly messages in Spiritual Growth Monthly.

A lot to work on this week, but it’s good to know that the feeling of having lost touch with our own intuitive guidance is not unique to me. The further I read in Kevin’s message, though, I realized that I probably hear more from my intuition than I realize. I may just not have recognized it for what it was. Heaven knows I talk to myself enough, usually something like “Come on, Janet, GET A GRIP!”

Most of us get a constant barrage of self talk in our minds. Some of it can be highly negative, but not all the time. We are ever critical of ourselves, though, and there seems to be a tendency to remember and hold on to negative self-talk and take it more readily to heart.

As I read about Kevin’s story about hitting his head and other mishaps which I’ve experienced countless times, I recognized the message he heard, “slow down and pay attention.” I’ve heard those words a thousand times or two. In fact, I had been trying to help with a volunteer project the day before I read his post, and had just bashed my head into something again. My gym teacher said I had poor kinetic awareness. My mom said I never looked where I was going. They’re both right, whether I’m moving through space or moving through life.

In a way, our physical head bashing acts as a sort of metaphor for the whole “wake up” that our mental focus needs. We even use phrases like “banging our head against the wall,” to express frustration over work that goes nowhere, or we say someone needs a good “slap alongside the head,” when they continually act without thinking. Clearly the head is pretty important, and we must have a tendency to leave home without it more than we care to admit.

At the same time, I may be over thinking the whole concept of intuition. I am well acquainted with what I call the smart side of my brain. Sometimes I even think of it as the sane side. It’s the side that says, “Eat this, don’t eat that. Get yourself up and moving. You can do this,” or “Whatever it is…Snap out of it.” It’s like the old cartoons of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. One side that knows what’s good for me, and one that is just out for itself. But I never associated my smarter self with intuition. Sometimes I already know what’s right, but I don’t always follow my own good advice.

Kevin credits our lack of connection with our intuition as having to do with how we disregard and ignore it, don’t trust it, and don’t foster its growth. That makes sense to me. I ignore it if I think I want something else, I don’t trust it because I’m not always sensible, and I don’t foster it because I get distracted by irrelevant things.

Kevin points that beyond just our thinking, there are three ways our intuition might appear. We can develop our awareness by noticing what our bodies, our dreams and events around us are telling us. Even beyond that, I think the most radical idea is Kevin’s question, “What would you notice if you held the idea that your intuition is always trying to communicate with you?”

Really grasping that one idea…really believing that our intuition is actively, deliberately reaching out, trying to get our attention; that could be a life changing way of looking at the world. Whenever anyone is trying to communicate with us, it implies we are worthy of hearing the message. To communicate involves more than a monologue. Our intuition doesn’t just muse for the sake of being clever. It needs an audience. It needs a response. None of us likes talking to a wall.

Our responsibility then is to listen. To dredge out the muck between our ears, or whatever mental static is keeping us from hearing our own intuitive thoughts. We each have different things that interfere with our intuition, so we each may receive different nudges from the world around us and from deep inside ourselves.

Besides becoming clumsy, our bodies can give us clues when we feel stressed, or experience discomfort or illness. Recurring dreams may lead us to recognize things we still want to accomplish, or let us know when we need to change direction. Our exterior world gives us clues when the same sorts of situations occur again and again, or the wrong people seem to keep appearing in our lives.

So my goal this week is to keep doing the relaxing breath meditation, listening for what my intuition might be telling me, and trusting the idea that it has something important to say.


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