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The Secret Diary of an Aspiring Meditation Master – September 2014, Week Three, “9 Beliefs to Raise Your Wealth Consciousness.”

subconscious mindThis month in Spiritual Growth Monthly, we have been following Kevin Schoeninger’s exploration of the relationship between higher consciousness and wealth. It is worth noting again that Kevin is defining wealth as “everything that is valuable” to us. If you tried his exercise about imagining a perfect day, then you might visualize real wealth as a lifetime of perfect days.

Still, a lifetime of perfect days almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? If life hasn’t always gone as we wanted it to, it can be hard to imagine that things will ever make any sort of significant change. And yet…what if they could?

I love “what if” questions. No matter how set we are in our thinking patterns, or how deflated we might feel, just considering “what if,” can open us up to possibilities we never considered, or refused to believe could exist for us.

What if I ate healthier? What if I smiled and spoke to that person I assume won’t like me? What if I could have any job I wanted in the world? What if I could do anything I wanted…what would that be?

The list is endless, of course. But if we do it often enough, it can move us toward trying some of these possibilities, and in turn move us to change what we believe. If we try something, and see our “what if” possibilities become real, we are able to have more faith that more things are possible than we allowed ourselves to believe before.

If we have always viewed life as full of limitations, then one of the most important “what if” questions might be, “what if we are wrong?” What if we need to look at our world in a different light? Could a different view, and a different way of thinking, change what we can achieve or how rich our lives can be?

Continuing to delve into the book Conscious Millionaire, by J.V. Crum, Kevin cites “9 Beliefs to Raise Wealth Consciousness” that the author says form the mindset needed for us to enrich, and be enriched by, the world.


Nine Beliefs to Raise Wealth Consciousness

1. Abundance: there is plenty for all
2. We are here to collaborate
3. Power arises through collaboration
4. The best opportunities are found in heart-based, authentic choices
5. The future is full of positive possibilities
6. There is a flow and synergy to all of Life
7. There are unlimited choices
8. We are part of a united team
9. You, others, and society win together
(CM, p. 66)

It is easy to look at this list and mentally check them off…yes, I agree…that sounds good. But agreeing intellectually is not the same as belief. What we deeply believe is the basis for our actions, and while we may believe and act on some of these ideas, older, diminishing beliefs may also get in the way of us taking positive steps toward what we value most.

We may live our lives based on our idea that we are all here to collaborate, or that we are part of a united team. But many of us may also have been raised to believe that abundance is limited, or that wealth is only attained by those willing to claw and fight their way to get it. If we believe that way, and choose collaboration, we may also be believing that we must sacrifice being successful to be a better person, or for the sake of a greater good.

What Crum asks us to consider is that the greater good and greater wealth go hand in hand. Kevin asks us to consider what our lives would be like, if we really accepted all these beliefs. If we truly believed that the future is full of positive possibilities…for all of us…would that make a difference in what we are willing to try? If we believe that there really are unlimited choices, would we step out in faith and choose a different path?

The win-win-win alternative.

We often hear in business about the best outcome in a negotiation as a “win-win.” Everyone leaves the sales transaction or the bargaining table with something of value to themselves. Everybody wins something, and everyone is better off.

Author J.V. Crum describes a new “wealth consciousness” as a Triple Win™ mindset, that allows us to make our wealth building decisions on the idea of benefitting ourselves, others around us, and society as a whole.

To make this shift in our mindset, Crum writes, we first need to change our thinking, our consciousness. In the second part of his article, Kevin explores the three shifts in our consciousness that we must make, which relate to how we view the world as it is right now, how we perceive the future, and what impact we believe our decisions will make on the world.

Kevin walks us through some steps to help us evaluate where we are, and how we impact others in each of these areas of consciousness. This process takes a little self-evaluation, so I recommend reading or listening to Kevin’s audio, to guide you along.

Through the process, Kevin asks us to continue considering “what if.” What if we could not only live a life of perfect days, but help other’s lives become more abundant at the same time? Yes, life is not always perfect. Thing do happen outside our control. But what if we “expected the right opportunities were always available?” Opportunities to make every day better than the last one. What would we do, starting right now?


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