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The Resolution Revolution

Make 2014 a resolution revolution¬†OK the close of 2013 is almost here. What does that mean for some of us? The dreaded New Year’s Resolution, which translates into another potential opportunity for feelings of failure and disappointment. I propose that instead today we devise a formula that will provide an opportunity for feelings of lasting success!

I hereby proclaim this to be the year of the New Year’s Revolution! Yes that’s right a REVOLUTION. A radical change designed to shake up and disband your present internal governing body for the purpose of REAL, LASTING SUCCESS. And we all know that success FEELS great!

So what is the Revolution formula for lasting success? You may want to sit down for this, as it might just be the most surprising thing you’ve heard all year. Are you ready??? The two revolutionary things necessary for lasting success are ATTENTION and FUN. Doubters please step forward because now is the time I happily disassemble your resolution system and replace it with the revolution system.

OK so let’s say your intended resolution for 2014 is to stop smoking. To stop something is a negative initiative that causes a response of resistance. ALARM BELLS RINGING LOUDLY HERE!! The subconscious is not interested in being forced to do anything AND it will not pay attention to a directive to stop smoking cigarettes for very long.

Why not you argue? Well because in order for the lovely subconscious to cooperate it needs to be having some FUN. News flash, stopping smoking is not going to be FUN because clearly there is some piece of enjoyment in the act of smoking. INSERT MENTAL BUZZER SOUND HERE FOR KEY POINT

So what’s the Revolution solution? Make 2014 the year for STARTING something because the act of starting something is a POSITIVE initiative and this captures your subconscious attention! So let’s dig a little deeper to find the start gem under the intention of quitting smoking.

Perhaps it is to have healthier lungs? OK, great let’s work with that. So let’s start a new activity that will improve the health of your lungs. Hey now there is something interesting to hold your attention. Now, how do we do that in a FUN way?

Well this is an opportunity for your creativity to flow. Perhaps you enroll in a scuba diving class. The class focuses on breathing in a captivating way and lo and behold the desire to smoke may naturally be replaced with the desire to increase the oxygen uptake in your lungs. Why? Because your focus is on the fun, new task of learning to scuba dive, rather than on the undesired negative task of having to stop smoking. Yippee for positive initiatives!

Now I can hear all the doubters shouting at me, ” But how is that going to stop me from smoking Lee?” My answer is that it will not. It WILL improve the health of your lungs however. Remember your intention under stopping smoking was to start improving your lung health, a positive initiative versus a negative.

If you stay focused on the positive initiative, you naturally direct yourself towards the appropriate activities and behaviors to achieve it. This will take time but time is not the main idea. Your lung health is the goal and if you remain focused on this, eventually this will be accomplished.

If you are still focused on “quitting smoking”, none of the above will occur. What will be achieved is another failed resolution. This is because you are still operating from your old resolution governing body. That system is a system of resistance and has not served you well. Don’t believe me? Well I encourage you to take a walk down New Years Resolution memory lane say for the past five years. How many resolutions were you able to achieve?

A better option is to revolutionize your way of doing things. It is time to really START something new. Don’t disguise denial as starting something new. You can’t lie to your subconscious; it knows the difference between having fun and being denied pleasure. Shake it up, make it INTERESTING and have some FUN.

Here’s to your 2014 New Year’s Revolution!

By Brandielee Baker

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