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Relieve Stress by Creating a Mini-Spa at Home

Woman Resting in BathYou’re stressed. You’re frazzled, but what can you do? You may not have the time to book a spa getaway, but you can relieve stress by creating a mini-spa in your own bathroom. With a little imagination and some minor preparation you can escape reality for a little while, replenish your emotional fuel tank and then emerge from your retreat ready to soar!

Start by gathering some materials.

1. If you have a favorite bath salt, body wash, and lotion, make sure you have them on hand. Choose a fragrance that feels good to you and puts you in that relaxed frame of mind.

2. Candles are nice for mood, if you can burn them safely. If not, see if you can find a little plug in night light for some soft, dim lighting.

3. Find a time when you will not be disturbed. Set aside 20 minutes or so for yourself. You deserve a little relaxation time. If you have small kids, wait until they’re in bed for the evening. If your family is older, tell them this is your time and you should not be disturbed. This is non-negotiable unless the house is burning down or it’s a life and death emergency!

REMEMBER… you are putting yourself TOP on your own priority list. The world can turn without your help for the next 20 minutes!!!

4. Now dim the lights, draw your bath and relax. If you have only a shower, fear not, you can still get some relaxing time to yourself. Get the shower going and step in. Use the bath salts to gently exfoliate your body. As you do, imagine the salts gently cleansing away any negativity you’ve picked up in your travels. Let the salt smooth your skin and the fragrance soothe your mind. Now, use some nice body wash and visualize a crystal white light flowing over your body with the shower water. Let the warmth relax and renew you.

If you’re tubbing it, get the tub filled with nice warm water. Put in the bath salts and step carefully into the tub. Let the warm water envelope you as you visualize the salts cleansing and removing any negative energy. Imagine you are bathed in well-being, completely relaxed, calm and protected.

5. When you’re finished, dry off and take some nice deep breaths. Gently, massage some lotion on your body, put on some comfy, loose clothing or a cozy bathrobe. Have a nice cup of herbal tea and milk the calm feeling for as long as you can!

The more you practice pampering yourself, the easier it gets and the more productive you can be in your day to day activities. Take time for YOU today! Love yourself and then the love flows easily to everyone you meet! –glp

About the author: Genie Lee Perron is the author of “Things I Wish My Mother Had Said… (or maybe she did)”. Please visit or for more information about her books and life coaching services.

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