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How to Relax Your Mind in Seconds

You can breatheMore and more people are tired of being stressed and are desperately searching for answers on how to relax. This world keeps speeding up and the only way to find balance and peace again is to reconnect with our existence. Our existence offers us everything, and if you want to see peace and happiness within yourself you have to learn how to relax your mind. Depending on how fast paced your reality is, slowing down might take some well disciplined practice. This practice will benefit you in ways that you won’t even realize at first but you are sure to notice something different right away.

Relaxation is our natural state of being, and it promotes good mental and physical health. It increases the functioning of the immune system as well as the digestive and respiratory system. It will improve your relationship with yourself and thus with others.

Firstly, to relax right now you need to breathe. I realize that you are already breathing as of this moment, but how are you doing it? Where are you breathing from? Is your breath shallow and fast or deep and slow? The idea is to become aware of your breath by getting into a slow deep rhythmic flow breathing from your energy center, which is located right below your naval. You can even put your hand right below your belly button and feel your lower abdominal going up and down. Breathe in and out with your nose and simply focus on your being. Become aware of your body and release any tension that you feel. This is ultimately the answer on how to relax your mind in seconds.

The next best way to relax quickly is to find yourself some good meditation music and just continue to focus on your breathing. There have been some great advances in technology as far as meditation audio and I would highly recommend something called binaural harmonics. When you listen to these meditative sounds through headphones it creates a slightly different tone in each ear. There is then a third beat that our brain creates from listening to these slightly differing tones which is called a binaural beat. The binaural harmonics help our two brain hemispheres become in synch, allowing us to reach an instant relaxation state. If you are looking for how to relax your mind in seconds, this is a very fast, efficient and successful method of doing so.

Author: Melissa Leanne Davies

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