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Reiki the Stress Buster – Melting Stress Away!

Missing image for IS DT FTAre you feeling stressed out? Do you have that tightness in your shoulders that no amount of massaging can relax? Do you feel like your days are spent going from one crisis to another, just trying to solve as many problems as you can?

When you become stressed out and more focused on the bad things allowing you no time to focus on the good; your body often manifests this as pain. This pain is your body telling you that you need to slow down, step away from the things that cause you stress, and take some time to take care of yourself. But in today’s fast paced world, self-care is often the lowest item on our to-do list, as we juggle ever increasing commitments at work, family life, and taking care of our home and others. Who has time to step away from it all and just relax?

However, de-stressing is not an option, it’s necessary! This is especially true if you are a healer and helping others. And the longer you put it off, the more necessary it becomes. Using reiki can help relieve your stress, and the best thing is; a session doesn’t have to take a long time. Ten to twenty minutes of Reiki works wonders! The literal laying on of hands, allows the healing energy to transfer and release the stress away from the fortunate person receiving the reiki.

Not only is the negative stress drawn out of you, but the reiki healer actually transfers the positive life force energy into you. This reduces your stress much like when you refill a glass with water. The liquid pushes out the air just like the positive reiki energy pushes out the stress and negativity.

Reiki has a wonderful holistic effect too. As the energy transfer occurs, the positive life force energy not only pushes out the negativity and stress; but it also works to heal your body as well. When you’re living under constant stress, your body isn’t functioning optimally. The reiki process helps to bring your body back to balance and back to its natural level of health, so that it can function at peak performance. The positive reiki energy brings an abundance of good health and positive functionality.

You may find that after a reiki treatment, you are very tired. This is a normal response to the soothing, calming energy. Many of my clients and students want to rest after a reiki session or attunement. This is natural because the body heals best while we sleep. As the healing process begins, the body wants to recover; so tiredness may be a temporary side effect. Living under a lot of stress can also make it difficult for us to have restful sleep, so the need for sleep contributes to your ongoing return to a healthy state in multiple ways.

Reiki has a positive effect on stress, mental exhaustion, and any type of physical or emotional issue. One of the many benefits of the reduction in stress and negative energy is a noticeable improvement in other areas of your life. Why you may ask?

If you remove stress and negativity from your life, your body can concentrate on healing itself, as it was designed to do. Removing the negative blockages and barriers allows your body to return to a normal state of being. This allows other natural or alternative treatments or traditional therapies and medications to work even better because your body is functioning optimally. So naturally; reiki is very effective in getting rid of stress while also improving your overall health and well-being.

To reduce your stress levels or maintain your optimal health and well-being, do self reiki at least once or twice a week and get a full session from a Reiki Practitioner at least once a month. There’s no reason to be stressed when you have the wonderful healing tool of reiki!


Author Bio: Always laughing, always growing, always sharing! Avalaura Gaither Beharry, known as the Spiritual Sage, is a Spiritual Counselor, International Healer and Speaker who is the founder of Avalaura’s Healing Center in College Park, MD. She has dedicated her life to helping people around the world heal and transform their lives.

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