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Reduce Home Stressors: 5 Tips to Help You Feel More Comfortable in Your Own Home

StressHome is meant to be a haven, and a sanctuary from the outside world, and all of its stressors.  If yours is causing you stress, however, it may be time to make a few changes. Read on for five ways to reduce home stressors that will help you feel more comfortable in your own home.

1 Reduce Technology Overload

Do you have a distinction between home and work? Do you feel compelled to keep up with emails and updates during all of your waking hours? Home needs to be a place where rest and rejuvenation can take place. Not only that, but home is a place to engage with the important people in your life. Set boundaries for technology. This may look differently for different people, but put firm guidelines in place such as no cell phones at the dinner tables, or only checking email once or twice in the evenings.

2 Deal With Clutter

Clutter gets in the way, literally, and emotionally. If clutter is making it hard to find things, making it hard to feel hospitable, or just plain making you feel depressed, it is time to deal with it! Make a plan and go with it. Move room to room, and if the task seems overwhelming, set a target number of items to get rid of or find a place for each day. If you are too overwhelmed or sentimental about your clutter, enlist the help of a friend or organizational specialist.

3 Take Care of Relationship Stress

The people you share your home with are some of the most important, if not the most important people in you life. Make sure you take time each day to strengthen those relationships and stop from making them tense and stressful. Work on your home relationships to make your home a happier place to be.

4 Cleaning Dangers

If you are stressed out about keeping your home contaminate and chemical free, while keeping your home clean and sanitary, relax. Just opening a window is a great way to add a rush of fresh air to your home. It is fairly simple to implement a no shoes indoor policy and to make your own natural cleaning solutions.

5 Address Safety Concerns

Do you feel safe in your neighborhood? Are you prepared for emergencies?  Are there home repairs that need to be done to reduce safety concerns?  Install a security system to help you feel more comfortable. You can not possibly be ready for every disaster, but the more prepared you feel, the less stress you will experience. Being able to enjoy your home is a blessing. Take some time to think about practical ways to address your home stressors and get ready for a more deeply satisfying home experience.

Author Bio: Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing about home and family and spending time with her dog, Max. Information credited to Florida Home Security.

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