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A Few Quick Tips to Balance Your Life

trying to balance your lifeBalancing a family and a career is difficult. Most people live out entire lives before doing it. But having a fulfilling home life is something we desperately need if we want to achieve true happiness.

For most, the challenges outweigh the benefits. There are family obligations, such as spending time with your spouse and children, visiting or caring for relatives, keeping up with personal finances; daily schedules that demand time for extracurricular activities, personal learning goals and continuing education. Then you have a career and reputation to maintain; showing up to work on time every day, putting in extra hours, work functions, meetings, projects, and more. And we must also care for our own personal needs, hobbies, and interests, as well as to posting on Facebook or the games we play on our smartphones.

With everything we plan, that much more shows up unannounced, forcing us to circumvent our obligations to take care of it right away. This also leads to some of the more long-term important goals being shunted aside to another day, month, or year. Recognize the need to set some personal boundaries and stick to them. Turn the “Someday I’m going to -” into “I’m doing _____.”

Read on for some tips on how to begin balancing your life.

Take time for yourself.

Believe that you are important enough. If you are not operating with full mental and physical capacities, then you won’t be able to take care of others. And we’re talking about quality time here – not spending money on yourself or vegging out in front of the TV.

Do it as soon as you wake up.

This bolsters the idea that you matter, and can give a large boost to your confidence and peace of mind. It also sets the tone for your day. Rather than rushing to “just get kids out the door” or using an important work deadline as an excuse to skip personal time, let it go and enjoy your moment.

Spend a little bit of time each day on things that matter… first.

Don’t let a crisis in the afternoon throw your schedule out the window because you failed to take care of the super important things right away. And if something is bothering you that you just can’t get your mind off of, stop what you are doing and take care it of right away, instead of worrying about it in the back of your mind. You’ll save yourself a lot of mental time and energy.

Be aware of what you are saying.

What you say to yourself in your mind determines what you do. When you catch yourself saying something negative, write it down. Then, find a positive statement that counteracts it. Similarly, what we say to others has the same impact.

Allowing time to dictate your obligations is harmful.

Building a new routine takes a while. Speed comes with time. If you do it correctly the first time, and each time after, you’ll be less tempted to skip important steps. Never say, “I’ll do that later.” Rather, stop yourself in the middle of whatever you are doing to say, “I’m doing this now.”

Feeling guilty about your mistakes or worrying about the future doesn’t help.

People spend too much time dwelling on what could have been, what should have been done, and what they might do. Cut out all that noise – and just do what needs to be done for today. If you mess up, own up to what you did, tell yourself you are changing now, and move on.

Good enough is sometimes, good enough.

It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be right. Realize that there are sometimes when passable is alright. Try focusing on the main ideas or collaborating with colleagues for assistance.

Do what matters long-term.

If you are a parent, make time each day dedicated specifically to spending time with each of them; reading to them, playing games, or just talking. Meditate or pray daily, even if you are not religious. Spend extra time learning a new skill, researching for a college paper, or building your professional reputation.

And life will always try to get in the way. Keep a cool head and remember what’s important.

By Rachel Strange  –

Article Source:  A Few Quick Tips to Balance Your Life

2 replies on “A Few Quick Tips to Balance Your Life”

I love the part about “It doesn’t have to be perfect.” Being a recovering perfectionist, that was a hard one to overcome! But it’s true how much less stressful it is when not obsessing over all the details!

I agree, Sue! I put off so many things while waiting to do them perfectly – and then they never get done at all! Thanks for the reminder, Rachel.

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