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Productivity, You Got It?

eliminate time clutterThere is so much written about the ever-popular topic of “productivity” and it’s no wonder! We all need to be productive in order to get things accomplished and basically just get through our day. The key is to know if you have the ability to be productive. What do I mean? Read on.

The To-Do List acts as our end all, be all and do all… except it really isn’t. Tell me, when have you ever followed your to-do list to the letter? When was the last time you crossed off everything on it? If you can say today or yesterday or every day, then my friend, you’ve got productivity!

However, if you are laughing right now — as I’m sure many people would be — then guess what? You’ve got a productivity gap. Look, let’s face it. Most of us are productive to a certain degree. We seem to be able to get ourselves up and dressed and out the door — maybe not as smooth as we’d like, but we get it done.

So what is a productivity gap? It’s that place where we feel like we haven’t gotten anything accomplished. And there are two things I see which cause the productivity gap – 1) our perspective and 2) too much to do in too short a time frame.

Our perspective is skewed. At the end of the day we may think we’ve spent the day spinning our wheels. Yet if someone else looked at our list and saw what we have completed, or we rattled off a list of things we did today, they would say “Holy cow, you did all this?” Step back and view your day as an outsider would and I’m sure you’ll feel better about yourself.

The other problem for a lot of us (and yes, I’ll include myself here) is that we try to do too much in too short a timeframe. I admit it, I am an overachiever and I love my to do list. Nothing makes me happier than checking things off my list… until things don’t get checked off for days or weeks at a time. Yet if I took the time to be realistic with my expectations, I wouldn’t over-burden myself.

So in order to close the gap, first acknowledge all that you did accomplish (yes that includes getting up, getting ready and out the door) and second, take things off your list that aren’t absolutely necessary. Once you do these things, you’ll notice your stress levels go down and you’ll be zipping through your to-dos and done in no time!

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Author Bio: Kim Ravida, ACC, ELI-MP is the owner and founder of Kim Ravida Coaching.  Kim is a Certified Profit First Professional and Small Business Secret Weapon Coach™.  She helps women in business take a customized approach to create a business that fits their lifestyle, seeing a monthly profit and operating from a position of confidence so that they experience more success and less stress.

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