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Be More Productive, Be Less Stressed: De-Clutter

Using cool colors is one of the 5 Design Tricks to Make Your Home More TranquilAdmit it or not, a lot of simple things in life can be stressing. In fact, working on a messy table can be stressing too. Your scattered clothes in the hamper and on the bed are not really sleep inducing and those dishes in the sink make you not want to eat anymore. Simply cleaning all that litter is overwhelming and add to that the pressures of work, family and bills, it’s not surprising that you feel so stressed out.

Another fact: clutter is linked to intensify your stress. It could be that your life has been a matter of ups and downs lately, but leaving all that mess is only making your anxiety worse. Want to be productive? Want to be less stressed? You may choose to meditate and have the quiet time you need but if you’re in the midst of a chaotic bedroom or an undefined garden that looks more like a forest, de-cluttering really is your only choice.

The clutter and stress connection

You may think that stress and clutter are in no way related to one another. But one study showed that people who were asked to look at other people’s messy workplaces exhibited higher levels of anxiety and stress over those who were shown clean and neat work spaces.

Now that could be something to raise an eyebrow at but here’s the catch: looking at something untidy is really stressing, uncomfortable, and sometimes even disturbing. Just imagine trying to finish your paperwork. Looking at the high pile of folders and scattered papers gives you the impression of finishing the task way behind the deadline right? Sometimes, you’ll even feel like it’s impossible to finish anything at all. Blame your imagination but we humans are generally organized creatures. We love the motto applying simplicity as beauty; cleanliness and orderliness fall into the category too.

While those messes lying around us remind us of unfinished tasks, it’s wreaking havoc on your emotional and mental health. You feel more pressured. You cannot have your peace of mind. You feel somewhat helpless and the heaps and piles and loads and mounds and tons of work are just too overwhelming to get it done. Stressing isn’t it? And it only reminds you how unmanageable things have been lately. You can’t find where you put this and that and you blame the kids and people around you for everything.

De-stress by de-cluttering

So here’s the deal: you keep the stress at bay simply by putting things back in their own order right at your workplace or at home. Here’s how easy and quick you can do it:

Find a place for everything. Bills, keys, clothes and everything else in your house and office surely have a designated place. Don’t move something out without returning it in. It’ll help you remember things and find them easier.

Make sure that you sift through your house/office every week. Take out things you don’t need. If they belong to the garbage or can be donated, do it. Take a look at your kitchen, your bedroom and your office and see about those things that should go and what should stay.

If you can clean up today, don’t wait for tomorrow. The less clutter you have today the more comfortable life will be for you every day. Don’t let disorder be the reason for your stress and anxiety. Beat it and be more productive.

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