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Procrastination – The Power of (RE) Commitment

Woman closing eyes while letting go of unhealthy expectationsMaking the right commitment is key to our success!

As you may have experienced first hand something almost magical happens when you first commit to a certain goal. The energy seems to flow, you feel excited and the momentum is strong.

Making the right commitment simply creates focus.

A (laser) focused mindset together with (laser) focused action steps, small or big, will definitely get the ball rolling in the right direction. Soon you will be able to taste and touch the harvest of your dedicated efforts.

However, making the right commitment has its own challenges.

Here are just a few of the common challenges, for example:

  1. Our commitment is not in alignment with our overall vision
  2. We tend to over-commit. We say “yes” too many times.
  3. We fall out of our commitment and start to self-sabotage it.

What do you do, when you are faced with any of these challenges?

First, let me say that each of these challenges could be the subject of an entire article on its own. For the purpose of this article, I will limit myself and give out just a few tips that will hopefully point you in the right direction.

Suggested solutions:

  1. Do a regular check in with your overall vision.  Ask yourself if your present commitments are in alignment with your overall vision. If you don’t have clarity about your overall vision, this would be the first place to start.
  2. Learn to prioritize and say “no thank you” some more.  Ask yourself if your commitments help bring your closer to the outcome that you are looking for. If not, you may need to prioritize your commitments and practice saying, “no thank you” more often; even if you feel tempted to say “yes”.
  3. Re-commit to your goals.  It is very easy to slip out of your commitment especially if the results you are looking don’t show up fast (enough).

It is also very common to start sabotaging your own goals.

Resistance and self-sabotage is very likely to show up just before a break through. You are best off if you recognize this as (an expected) part of the process and not let it stop you.

Keep in mind that the most successful people are those who work in a very focused and consistent manner. They are able to hold their overall vision even before it has become a success.

In the end, it is a (laser) focused mindset combined with the appropriate action steps that will produce the desired outcome that you are looking for.

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