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Practical Tips to Manage Stress

HappyWorkPlaceIt is not easy being a woman, is it? No matter what people claim, you are viewed a little differently, and expectations, both reasonable and unreasonable, are placed on you. Things get a little more complicated and difficult if you are both a mother and a professional. So, stress is an expected occurrence  in your life and there is no escape from it.

But take heart, while you cannot throw stress permanently out of the window (that is an unrealistic expectation), you can manage it and enjoy a calmer life.

Here are some practical tips to manage stress.

Set expectations clearly

This is extremely important. You know that the office or at home, you have to fulfil different expectations and some of them are probably unreasonable. If your office expects you to work 60 hours a week regularly and you have a kid at home, then your work-life balance is going to be lopsided. Do not give the impression that you will take anything thrown at you – straightaway let people who expect you to climb mountains, know that you can realistically do so much and not more. While you need not be impolite, you should not be apologetic either about setting clear expectations. This leads logically to the next tip.

Do not care too much about people’s feelings

This especially applies to those people who place unreasonable demands upon you and expect you to fulfil them. While you should be setting clear expectations, you should not suffer from guilt pangs afterwards for not accommodating unreasonable demands. Remember: you are only letting people know what can realistically be done and you have a life too, just like them. So, it is not your problem if, after the clarifications, people tend to harbour hard feelings.

Shed hypersensitiveness

Research proves that hypersensitive women tend to be more prone to stress. They are easily hurt by words, actions, events and their self-esteem often swings depending on other people’s attitude or words towards them. They tend to take some time to recover if their feelings are hurt. Especially if you work at a workplace full of aggressive people, then you are heading towards some rough times; same applies to your home. So, develop a little bit of a thick skin, it helps to sometimes just ignore rubbish thrown at you.

Speak your mind

Timidity has been found to often trigger stress. If you are subjected to unreasonable or undeserved criticism at home, office or anywhere else and you tend to just listen and not reply, chances are that you are acting timidly. You need to first introspect on what keeps you from speaking your mind. Is it any kind of fear? In any case, you need to speak your mind when you dislike something. The more you accept rubbish people throw at you, the more they will keep doing it.

Author Bio: Sally Chang is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist certified by the California Acupuncture Board and holds Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Branches Institute. He runs his own website and written many articles on acupuncture and related issues.

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