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Positive Affirmations That Really Work

thumbs_upYou’ve heard me talk about positive affirmations and how effective they are.  And I’m also sure you’ve heard people say they do them, but their lives haven’t changed.   So do affirmations really work?

The answer is “yes”, but it really depends on what you’re saying and how much you believe what you are saying.

If the statements don’t ring true for you, you may be wasting your time.  You have to “feel” the words and they have to make you feel good saying them.  Otherwise, they are just words that your body is resisting.  Therefore, if saying, “I am healthy and vibrant” is difficult to say while you are undergoing chemotherapy, you may want to say, “I am in the process of becoming healthy and vibrant.”  So reword your affirmations in a way that you can accept and that is more believable to you.  Then say the new statement over and over again, several times a day to be sure your subconscious pattern of thinking starts changing. Be sure you “feel” the words and “see” the images to make a stronger impact on the subconscious.

When you are wording your affirmation, be careful, because you don’t want to create more of what you don’t want.  For example, “I want a new job where I earn $100,000.00 a year” can manifest into a more stressful, time consuming, all-encompassing job.  Do you really want that? Instead say, “I am in the process of finding a perfect job that is free of stress, enjoyable, and pays at least double my current salary.”  Then wait for things to line up and be patient.  Just because you don’t see results right away, doesn’t mean it is not happening.

Use affirmations for a quick “pick-me-up” as well.  If you are under a lot of stress, say, “I enjoy peace, calm and serenity all around me right now” and then feel the calmness surround your body.  Close your eyes and say the words as you exhale a cleansing, relaxing breath and it will be easier to “feel” the peace envelope you.

Affirmations are a simple tool to use daily as part of your healthy regimen for improvement.  Your intention is to create your life as you want it to be by putting strong

focus on the things that are most important to you.

Amy Sherman has a masters degree in counseling/psychology and is a Dating/Relationship Coach, plus the founder of Baby Boomers’ Network.  Amy is the author of the ebook, “Distress-Free Aging: A Boomer’s Guide to Creating a Fulfilled and Purposeful Life” and “The Joy of Optimism 10-Lesson eCourse. Visit to learn more about boomer issues and to receive a Special Report on Overcoming Adversity.  Contact her by email at


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