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People To Talk To When Stressed

How friends make the best medicineWhen we are all stressed out from work demands, family issues, or just some personal concerns, we often look for venues to deflect all the stresses. Oftentimes and expectedly, we indulge in the food we’ve always craved, go on an unscheduled trip, watch TV the entire day, see a random movie and sleep while watching it, or go shopping, if we can afford to do so.

We do these things for a few minutes of withdrawal from the stressful triggers in our life. Luckily, these things allow us to forget, or better yet, they actually allow us to recover and eventually renew our faith in the positivity that this life has to offer.

As I’ve mentioned above, these stress-relievers can come in many forms. All we need to do is choose which one suits our personal preferences and our current situation. Personally speaking, whenever I’m having a bad day, I tend to eat or go on a random trip. I often visit a restaurant I’ve never been in or find a new food cart business around town. Also, I’ve had times when I’d take the first bus that stops in front of me, get on it, put my headphones on and get off when I’m the last passenger around. I’ve been into these stress-relievers for quite some time now, but recently I have found that talking to others is another effective way to let go of stress.

Speaking for me is a good outlet. I can talk and talk and talk, probably get tired eventually and get over it. And overtime, I have come to realize that there are some people that are just awesome when it comes to relieving stresses. Let me share with you the list of good people (and animals too) whom you can talk to to when stressed.

1. Your so called “best friend”

Yes, you got it right. On top of the list is your good old best friend who just knows the magic words to tame that beast in you. For the record, “best friends” as shock absorbers have been overused in the history of human race, but believe me; they never waver when it comes to understanding, even your tiniest sentiment.

2. Your colleague

Who else would understand how much you loathe paper work than your colleague, right? Whenever you feel like the only way out from the stress in your workplace is through that twentieth floor window, think again. You might want to give the pantry a try and probably find some chit-chat there with a colleague who shares your workplace stresses. Surely, both of you would feel understood.

3. Your pet

While they may not exactly respond the way we human beings do,  I believe that our pets have a way of knowing how we really feel and they too have their own means of responding.

4. A kid

It could be your own child, a niece or nephew. Amazingly, children have this peculiar way of understanding the universe. And as though it’s magic, children seem to know how to make us chuckle simply because they give out the most honest and wittiest answers to our rhetorical rants.

5. Random People

Though some would consider this dangerous or awkward, for me, being able to talk with good people we barely know is a gift. Sharing what we ought to let go with individuals we do not personally know such as the person who sits next to us at the subway or the store attendant allows us to de-stress and learn at the same time. By being with these cool people, we become more aware of our existence- that somewhere out there, someone is actually willing to listen, or even if we think that our life is the messiest of all, we are actually in a better disposition compared to others.

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