Deal With Stress

How To Overpower Stress and Anxiety

stressDust happens. Your house can’t exist in a vacuum, and that’s why it has to be cleaned regularly. Same with the mind. You want to keep it calm and serene, but life kicks up mental and emotional dust that needs to be dealt with. So, how do you deal with it?

The key is to not let it accumulate. As a storm gathers, so does stress. It’s only when disturbance collects that it becomes overwhelming and feels beyond your ability to handle. It’s easier to clean a dusty house than a dirty one. One can be cleaned with a feather duster, the other needs a shovel. The strategy, then, is to resolve or relax any disturbance at the moment it arises – so it’s not carried into the future to multiply.

If you don’t eat or drink too much today, you won’t have a hangover tomorrow. Carrying a disturbance over to the next moment makes it a part of you, an additional and unhealthy appendage, more baggage for you to carry. Negative thoughts or feelings are dis-eases that grow like bacteria. When you let go of anger, resentment, fear, guilt, etc., on arrival, there’s no foundation for it to fester.

Stop them at the point of awareness through constant self-surveillance, constant diligence. Detached diligence is the primary tool of freedom from the subtle accumulation of stress. The problem is that unresolved stress experiences are stored in the subconscious part of the mind where they can’t be seen or treated. You can’t use the power of your will – however great it may be, on something that’s not visible. You make it visible via detached awareness. Once visible, the errant thought dissolves on its own.

Stress prevents you from living the moment free and clear. You lose clarity and power which diminishes your ability to handle the next disturbance – a rude driver cutting you off, for example – which thickens the barrier to recovery. It creates more layers on the onion that have to be peeled back in order to return to relaxed equilibrium.

As you can’t clean your whole house all at once, you can’t relax your whole mind all at once. You detachedly relax one room at a time, one negative thought or feeling at a time – at its inception, as it presents itself, whether it’s of the past, present or future. Eventually, you become free from the residual stress from the past, and free from the fear and anxiety about the future. You remain free, clear, confident and relaxed in the present moment — ready for any contingency life may present you. – Which is another the definition of enlightenment – freedom in and from the past, present and future.

Enter the moment in a state of calm acceptance that “everything’s just the way it’s supposed to be.” You can’t change the world – only your response to it. However, when you change your response, the world changes. It’s amazing! Your response to your thoughts, feelings and senses is the same as that to the world – you keep a respectable distance from them as you would a beautiful but dangerous animal.

Author Bio: Bill McLaughlin is a meditation master and spiritual teacher with a focus on Self-Realization Via Detachment – or, how to be your higher self by keeping a distance from your lower self. Bill is available for Private Counseling on this topic – in-person in the Naples, Florida area, or via Skype, outside the area. Visit Bill at for original articles on personal development from a spiritual perspective.

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