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No Stress Happiness Tools – 5 Strategies To Help You Immediately Relax

essential-oilUse no stress happiness tools to increase feel good chemicals in your brain and body, adjusting mental health to quickly stop stress. Throughout your body there are proteins called enzyme receptors.

These react to the release of feel good chemicals from your brain and gut, changing your physical body so that it can de-stress, relax and, eventually, become happy.

You will de-stress soon, as these techniques naturally release feel good endorphins, your “happiness” chemicals.

Try each of these for 1-2 minutes. Releasing feel good endorphins, with the appropriate happiness tools, is your short and long term solution to stress.

5 No Stress happiness Tools: Immediately Relax

1. Stop & Listen

Stop and listen is the no stress happiness tool that initiates deep breathing to calm your brain.

Psychology and mental health studies show breathing well is important for stress reduction. As your mind focuses on the sounds, preferably the sounds of birds or wind outside, your belly will naturally begin the deep breathing movement that is so hard for some of us to attain purposefully.

Deep breathing sends oxygen to your body’s cells, brain, relaxes your muscles, and initiates the release of feel good endorphins.

Studies show that those who practice deep breathing over time can train their brain to feel good, arriving at the place where debilitating stress is a thing of the past. In the short term “stop and listen” will quiet your mind, relax your body, and de-stress you.

2. Self Massage

Be still for a moment; listen to exterior sounds to quiet your mind. And, then, begin rubbing your shoulders, neck, hands, or arms. Keep this up for 2 minutes. This no stress happiness tool relies on touch to begin endorphin release.

Touch initiates the release of feel good chemicals when the touch is relaxing. Relaxing touch is a good way to define massage itself.

Try this for yourself and you will see that studies coming out of psychology and medical journals are true; Massage reduces the stress levels of cortisol and adrenaline while increasing your feel good chemicals; dopamine and serotonin. So, begin self massage as your cost effective no stress happiness tool. You can do it yourself and feel an immediate difference.

3. Cheap Aromatherapy

Replace your candle with fresh flowers or tea. Then, enjoy the smells from teas or flowers most associated with relaxation and calm. Chamomile is a good start. Chamomile teas release chemicals into the air that have shown countless times over to relax the body. Don’t just make the tea as an alternative to caffeine; make it as prevention to Zoloft.

You can relax your body with chamomile teas, flowers, and their dried leaves by exposing yourself to the smell for an average of one to two minutes. Why shouldn’t you depend on candles for de-stressing? Candles can relax you in the short term. They may seem like the perfect no stress happiness tool. But, you’ll need to research to find a candle that will help your stress hormones in the long term. Why?

Many conventional candles contain chemicals similar to those present in gasoline. Toxins such as lead, among others, can leave lasting impressions on your body’s cells, making it harder to relax in the future. Though they may seem to help immediately; your overall toxic load does affect your hormones, mood, and stress levels… So, go for natural when you can.

4. Comfort Food Trick

Don’t go for cookies or cake. If you must eat during stress, grab an orange instead. And, please, wait a few minutes before eating, as eating directly in the time of stress can harm digestion.

Research presented by Linus Pauling shows that when fully ripe, fruit can help restore the body with essential nutrients and water, making it easier for us to be healthy and feel good.

His book, How to Live Longer and Feel Better, lists the many physiological reasons a diet high in these nutrients can change your mood, reducing stress. Notice the difference in your energy level as you avoid the junk food remedy and grab the vitamin c energy booster instead.

5. Hypnotic Movement

Get moving, and it doesn’t have to be a full-fledged workout. Repetitive, slow, rhythmic movements, like those used to develop hypnotic states, can relax you in a very potent way. Choose to move from side to side or front to back. It all works. You can choose your whole back or just your neck and shoulders. Just be repetitive; this motion mimics the relaxed state one receives during hypnosis.

You can’t help but de-stress as your body naturally calms, inducing the release of more feel good endorphins. Try it for 2 minutes and you will do more than de-stress, you’ll relax, and perhaps, even get happy.

To permanently increase your endorphin levels, which naturally modify stress, you must address your lifestyle habits. A UCLA study, following 29,000 women for 12 years, indicates that those participants who made real lifestyle changes had much better mental health and better physical health than their counterparts.

Make changes known for high endorphin release. These include daily relaxing with peaceful moments via thoughts, quotations, or other techniques, feel good workouts, and reducing your toxic load through organic items and organic savings.

Higher endorphin release will modify levels of the stress hormone cortisol, ultimately bringing you a low stress, more happy life. Additional tools can be used by those seeking a lasting change in stress levels.

There are multiple methods. Even eating more natural food has helped some people dramatically. The more holistic your health and mental approach to life, the lower your stress levels will be.

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