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Natural Ways to Remain Stress-Free

Healthy eating planTrying to keep stress out of your life is like trying to plug a hole with your finger. When you are searching for ways to de-stress and relax, there are so many different suggestions that finding a reasonable solution can be even more stressing. If you are looking for ways to assuage your stress but do not want to take medication, there are a number of natural ways to stay stress-free.

1) Meditation

Meditation is an ancient concept that has begun to resurface in popular culture within the last few decades. Some may think of meditation as people just sitting around and breathing when, in actuality, is it so much more. Meditation is using a combination of breathing exercises, vocal affirmations, and calming mental techniques in order to calm the mind and body and re-center your focus. One of the biggest stressors people have is the inability to focus. Lack of focus makes it difficult to complete projects, devote attention to relationships or to reach your goals, so finding a natural method to assist you is always recommended. Find a quiet space in your home to sit down, try to match your breathing with your heartbeat and work on clearing your mind.

2) Eat Properly

Your diet affects more than just your personal appearance. What you put into your body is the fuel that your body uses to power your brain and hormones. So when you put junk into your body, you will look and feel like it. Be sure to eat foods like whole grains, greens, lean meats and low fat content. Avoid salts, grease, and MSG in your food as much as possible. These components have negative effects on the brain’s function and the body’s ability to translate it into energy. Lack of energy or appearance issues can have you feeling more stressed about your inability to complete goals or enjoy life fully.

3) Exercise

Exercise is the fountain of youth. When you exercise, your body is able to remove toxins, to break down fat molecules, to release endorphins and a host of other benefits. Great exercise can mean a number of things: walking through the neighborhood, swimming with the kids, bike riding, jogging, dancing, whatever activities you enjoy doing, make it into an exercise routine. Exercising regularly will have you looking and feeling amazing.

4) Sleeping

When you go without sleep, it is like trying to drive your car when it is on empty. Your brain spends all day processing, working, thinking and dealing with your daily stresses. And when you sleep, your brain uses that time to heal and to clean up the daily messes. Going without sleep disrupts this necessary function and disrupts your mood and productivity as well. Be sure to get your full 8 hours every night in order to stay at your peak.

5) Visualization

When you are feeling stressed, people often say “Go to your happy place.” It sounds silly but the idea actually has some merit. If you are feeling anxious, sad or stressed, imagining a place or thing that makes you feel happy or relaxed can actually have an effect on your general mood. When you visualize happiness or relaxation, your brain is tricked into believing it. Take a few moments to be quiet and visualize yourself as happier and less stressed.

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