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Minimizing Stress for Maximum Success

By Beau N Norton

woman minimizing stress on beachStress can kill. It is important that we all do whatever is in our power to reduce stress in our daily lives. In order to live a happier, more fulfilling life, we must learn how to minimize stress for maximum success.

Emotions are energy, and they need to be released from the body in order for us to function at optimal levels. If emotions are not expressed, they can become trapped in the musculature of the body. This trapped energy is also known as stress. Knowing that stress is simply built up energy, we can now take the steps necessary to release that energy.

One way to release built up energy in the body is through physical movement. The reason exercise is such a great mood-booster and stress reliever is because it allows for the release of energy. Move your body as much as possible if you are feeling stressed. Jump, shake, dance, do whatever you need to do in order to release the energy that is trapped inside you. If you allow that energy to remain trapped, it will accumulate and cause even more stress.

Another great way to release energy is by practicing honesty and openness in all your personal relationships. If you are refraining from saying something that you know you should say, the conflicting thoughts you have will cause a negative emotion and this equals stress. Only by letting your thoughts go can you experience a peaceful and stress-free life. If you fail to express your ideas and opinions, you will cause yourself a whole lot of unnecessary stress.

Besides releasing energy, we must also learn how to limit the accumulation of energy in the body so that we don’t need to work as hard to release it. A way of limiting the accumulation of energy is to change your thoughts to that of a more positive nature. This can be difficult, but with repetition you can do it quite quickly. Affirmations are great for changing your thought patterns.

Affirmations are positive statements worded in the present tense that you repeat to yourself over and over again in an effort to change your dominating thoughts. Negative thinkers experience more stress. To think more positively, you must think positive thoughts on a daily basis. Eventually, these thoughts will become part of who you are, and you will gain momentum that will catapult you to a much more positive mindset and less stressful life.

Write a list of at least 20 affirmations that you wish to believe, and repeat them to yourself every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed. You will begin to see drastic changes in your life from doing this.

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