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Mental Photography: The Secret to Increasing Your Brain Power

inner-thoughts-improve-your-lifeMental photography, like mechanical photography, produces in our minds exactly what it sees. A poodle will never appear like a dalmatian; a chubby brunette, will never come out a long legged blonde. A picture of green will not be pink, and neither can negative destructive thoughts produce constructive and positive results. If the ideas in your mind are negative, they will, expectedly, produce negative results.

Think of actors, they absorb themselves in the characters of the role they play until they virtually unite. Noomi Rapace, a Swedish beauty, admittted that after having done three Millenium films as Lisbeth Salander, she was “taken over” by the raw and gritty part.

She said: “I always try to put my characters as close to life as I possibly can, but, it’s a high price because I know it will take over sometimes.”

And did you know how Steven Spielberg started out? He knew from his early teens that he wanted to become a director. While taking a tour at the Universal Studios, he sneaked off from the toru group in order to get to see an actual recording. He even managed to get to talk to the head of the editing department who listened to him for an hour and showed interest in his ideas.

For most people, the story would have ended there. But not for Steven! He knew what he wanted and he was determined to get it – one way or another. The next day, he dressed up in his father’s suit, he borrowed his father’s attaché briefcase (which contained nothing more than a sandwich and 2 chocolate bars) and returned to the studio as if he was working there. He maintained his steady pace while passing the guards at the gate. When he was already inside, he located an abandoned caravan and placed a plastic signage bearing his name – Steven Spielberg, director – on the door of the caravan. Then he spent the entire summer meeting directors, authors, editors and kept himself in the proximity of the world he so dearly wanted to become a part of. We all know where he ended up.

Many actors have to walk, talk and dress like their characters. They may even catch the diseases of their characters. These diseases and traits then disappear after the movie is filmed and the actors have returned to their own normal way of behaving.

You, too, can think of a successful person, his behavior that you desire and the results of his actions, and, become that person. Test one of your decisions and think based on what your model person would do. Fill your imagination with your new behaviors. Start acting as if you where that person.

Use the method that Archibald Leach, playing Cary Grant, did. Although he was born into a struggling lower middle class family, he transformed himself into a worldwide symbol of elegant success. When asked how he managed it, he said, “I acted Cary Grant for so long, until I became him.”

Sara Bern is an independent licensed Life Success Consultant and founder of Golden Opportunity and has extensive years of experience as a coach and management consultant. Sara’s passion is helping people become and do more of what they truly want. Visit her site to learn about life skills including mind development, personal empowerment, goal achieving, change management and more coaching tips.

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