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“Lost That Loving Feeling?” Here’s How To Get It Back!

As human beings we are wired for love!heart

We thrive on being loved and enjoy sharing our love with others. We are made for love, and, without it, life is lackluster, meaningless, or downright depressing.

Have you lost that loving feeling in your life? (If so, you have to try my new meditation “Connecting to Your Loving Essence”….)

Perhaps you wish you had more closeness with your partner, more communication with your kids, or you were more enthusiastic about going to work? Perhaps you wish life felt more magical and exciting? Feeling love-for yourself, others, and what you’re doing – is the secret to all of that.

Yet, because of tensions and traumas in past painful experiences, it’s easy to close our hearts to giving and receiving love.

Love might make us feel too vulnerable – and we don’t want to be hurt again. We don’t want to leave ourselves open and risk feeling the pains we can feel when our love isn’t returned or when we are hurt in loving relationships.

Sometimes it just feels easier and more comfortable to keep our hearts closed.

When our hearts shut down, we may become cynical about love. We may think it’s too soft, weak, wishy-washy, or naive. Now, you may not have moved that far from love, but, all of us, to some degree, close ourselves off from the full measure of love we can feel and share.

We’ve all been hurt and we’ve all put up walls in the past. These walls protect us – and, after years and years of maintaining these walls, they become invisible. We don’t even know they are there.

Yet, we can know them by their signs. If you’re not waking up with joy in your heart, if you’re not thriving on the interactions you have during the day, if you’ve lost motivation, if life feels somewhat flat, or if life seems to have lost its magic, you can be sure that those walls are in place.

There are invisible walls around your heart that are blocking the natural flow of love that makes life feel special, magical, and joyous.

When you are able to let down those walls, when you can release them and let go, you open the natural flow of love through your whole body and outward into the whole world. Your life comes alive and you feel like yourself again. That’s because you’re a being whose essence is Love. You are love. You thrive on love.

O.K. so what can you do if you’ve lost that loving feeling? How can you find it again? How can you get it back?

Fortunately, because love is part of your essential nature, part of who you truly are, it’s already inside of you. It never left. Perhaps you just lost touch with it?

There are several ways to get back in touch.

1. Notice moments when you feel bored, unmotivated, uninterested, and lethargic. Notice what you’re telling yourself in those moments. What are the words in your head?

Maybe you’re feeling trapped in a situation, powerless to change it, or feeling like things are beyond your control? Perhaps you feel like you have no options? Just notice what you’re thinking and how it relates to what you’re feeling.

2. Ask yourself, “What do I wish could happen in this situation? What would make things more fun, interesting, meaningful, and exciting?” Whether or not you think any of these things are possible, entertain them. Imagine them. Fantasize about them. Enjoy the fact that you can imagine anything that you want to. Then ask yourself, “Is there any way I could bring a little bit of that into what is happening now?”

3. Set aside that particular situation for the moment and focus on connecting with and growing the feelings of love in your heart. If you’ve lost that loving feeling, it may take some time to get reacquainted with it. You can do this in the privacy of your own space – your own inner space – regardless of what is happening around you.

Focus into your heart. Smile. And welcome the feelings of unconditional love there. What would it be like to feel unconditional love in your heart? Can you feel it?

If you’d like a guided practice that will take you into that loving space, I’ve created one for you. It’s a part of my new Healing Your Heart Toolkit – a meditation called “Connecting to Your Loving Essence.” I think you’re really going to “love” this one. 🙂

You can check out a free sample of this meditation through the link below:

Enjoy “Connecting to Your Loving Essence” HERE >>

Enjoy your practice!

– Kevin

P.S. If you’ve “Lost That Lovin’ Feeling,” this rendition by Tom Cruise :0/ probably won’t help, so no need to watch THIS:

That just wouldn’t be constructive.

But definitely DO check out my new meditation “Connecting to Your Loving Essence.” It will guide you into soothing feelings of unconditional love and compassion in your heart.

Listen and enjoy “Connecting to Your Loving Essence” HERE >>

Enjoy 🙂

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