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Looking for a Way to Reduce Stress? Remember This!

positive woman“You have to believe in yourself when no one else does.  That’s what makes you a winner!” ~ Venus Williams

This is a quote I keep posted in my office for when I have a rough day or get myself bent out of shape over some silly projection about the future. It always reminds me to relax and believe in myself regardless of what may be taking place or what anyone else may think.

When I do this, it immediately removes the stress I’ve created for myself by letting mind chatter build into something that just plain doesn’t exist or will never happen.

This is the quickest way I know to put the skids to the useless mind chatter and return to living in the present. In other words, if whatever I’m considering or doing feels good or just feels right to me, I know it’s my inner wisdom telling me to believe in myself and stay the course.

It’s also a reminder that what anyone else believes, thinks, or does is really none of my business, and what I believe, think, or do is really none of anyone else’s business!

If you find yourself clinging to the “what ifs” all the time and stressing yourself to the max by projecting negative outcomes into the future, this is definitely a method you may want to try.

And, don’t beat yourself up over getting caught up in the what ifs. We all do it!

That said, the difference between staying in that drama-driven mindset or getting yourself out of it is to immediately recognize it when it happens.

Then, take a nice deep breath in and exhale fully while saying to yourself, “I believe in myself when no one else does. That’s what makes me a winner!”

Making the choice to be aware of and recognize when you’re letting stress get the best of you makes all the difference and is the first step in eliminating it.

In other words, having that awareness, trusting your gut, and believing in yourself will immediately shift you out of the what ifs and the stress state into a positive and confident mindset.

Once you put this thinking into practice and learn to let go of the what ifs and the stress they cause, you’ll see the results making this choice can create for you.

And, you will also understand the power that lies in believing in yourself even if no one else does. It truly is what makes you a winner in everything you do!


Author Bio: Peggy Nelson is a professional Life and Personal Development Coach, owner and founder of Life Your Way Coaching, a published author, and a professional blogger. Her mission is to help people access that part of themselves that allows them to shift their thinking, release fear at every level, experience personal growth and empowerment, and ultimately create fulfilling, happy, and successful personal and professional lives they love. To learn more about the benefits of coaching with Peggy, follow her blog, or to schedule a free consultation with her, please visit her website at

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