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Are You a Lonely Introvert?

SpiritualityHave you ever thought of yourself as an introvert or perhaps been told you are one?  I used to think I was what American society has always defined as an introvert or lonely introvert.

I thought I was because even though I liked to be with friends and family and go places and have fun, I often times didn’t enjoy myself or was uncomfortable when I had to be around a lot of people, especially a lot of loud people and a lot of noise.

Then as I developed an interest in personal development and human potential and trained to become a certified coach, I started learning a lot more about intuition, energy (subtle energy), and meditation, which was right up my alley because I resonated with it immediately.

Not only that, what an eye-opener learning about intuition, energy, and meditation was for me!  And when it comes to being an introvert, it could be for you, too!

The more I learned, the more I began to understand that people who society has historically tagged as introverts or lonely introverts were just people that have an “energy” system that’s different than those who are more boisterous, enjoy big crowds, and don’t mind a lot of noise.

In this article, I’m going to focus on that energy or energetic system, and perhaps I can provide the beginning of a better understanding of it for you, too.

I’ll use myself as an example.  I like spending a lot of time alone.  I love to read, watch movies, meditate, watch baseball, and power walk daily with my Boston Terrier, Dozer, but I also enjoy spending a lot of time with people.

I like to have fun with friends and family, go to new places and experience new things, and work with lots of different types of clients.  I just don’t enjoy being in loud environments or around loud people and big crowds.  Does that make me an introvert or a lonely one at that?”

I say no and that all it means is that my energetic system is different than that of people who might be loud or shall we say a little more enthusiastic than other people.  It’s not good and it’s not bad.  It just is.  It doesn’t make them bad people or me an introvert.  It just means we happen to have different energetic make ups.

Also, some of us are what’s referred to as “intuitive empaths,” and after learning about the usual indicators of being an intuitive empath, it explained a lot for me.  What it means is that I have a tendency to pick up or take on the energies of other people and be more affected by them than the average person.

This means it might make it a bit harder for me to be around negative or loud or boisterous people, traffic, crowds, etc., and I’m a bit more sensitive to loud noise, strong scents or smells, or people that are loud and talk too much.  It’s no reflection on them; it’s just my energetic sensitivity to that particular type of person’s energy.

I say we’re all just who we are and we have different energy systems that work better in different situations.  Remember the old saying, “He’s just wired differently”–well, this is exactly what it means.

Energy was just a subject past generations knew nothing about.  That said, the workings and power of energy are becoming better understood and more mainstream by the day, and if you resonate with the information you’re reading here, you may want to learn more about it, too.

I find it important to talk about and learn about our energetic systems so people can start to understand them.  We are all energy whether we know it or not and whether we understand it or not.

Here’s a very, very elementary example of the energetic bodies in which we all reside that may help you understand that you have an energetic system.  Remember when you were a kid and you’d walk across the carpet and then touch the light switch or touch the T.V. or whatever you came in contact with and you’d get a shock?

Have you ever noticed how kids think it’s funny to walk up to their friends or perhaps their brothers and sisters and touch them and give them a big shock?  And often times you can actually see a spark when contact is made?  Well, that’s all because of our energetic system.  And yes, I used to think it was funny to shock my brothers!

This surely is an elementary example of what the energy we are all made of means and holds for us, and I use this example just to give you a starting point to understand its presence.  It plays a far, far more significant role in everything about our lives than the majority of us know.

Energy has a significant impact on each and every one of us each and every day of our lives. There’s still a lot to learn but every day that goes by more and more very important information is available to anyone who takes the time to learn about it.

You can tap into the power of your energy and put it to work for you in many different ways.  Having this insight can and will change your life.  It will help you understand various things about yourself, including the power of your intuition and best practices for working with it and making positive change in your life.

So if you’ve ever been referred to as an introvert or perhaps a lonely introvert and have ever let it impact you negatively at all, know that it’s just a definition society created to describe something they didn’t understand.

I’ve written many other articles on the power of energy, intuition, and meditation, but I hope this one is especially impactful for those of you who resonate with this information and have now perhaps learned more about your energetic selves and that being an introvert isn’t so bad after all.

Author Bio: Peggy Nelson is a professional Intuitive Life Strategies and Law of Attraction Coach, owner and founder of Life Your Way Coaching, blogger, and published author. Her mission is to help people access that part of themselves that allows them to shift their thinking, release fear at every level, experience personal growth and empowerment, and ultimately create fulfilling, happy, and successful lives they love. To learn more about connecting with your intuition and the benefits of Intuitive Life Strategies and Law of Attraction Coaching or to schedule a free consultation with Peggy, please visit her website at

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