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Locked Out: How to Keep Your Cool During Unexpected Stressors

Locked OUtLocking yourself out is something that can happen to anyone, no matter how careful or diligent they are. You never know when you will lose your key, when the door will lock behind you or when you will suddenly find yourself outside of your house or your vehicle. Here are some tips on how to keep your cool during unexpected stressors and how to recover from a lock out.

Take a Deep Breath

The great things about locksmiths is that they work fast, and the longest it will take for you to get your  day back on track is a few hours at the most. Most locksmiths are even faster than that. Though this can throw a wrench in your day, it is not the end of the world.

Double-Check for Keys

Sometimes, you think that you have lost your keys, but they are simply not where you think they are. Check all of the compartments in your bag, make sure that you check all of your pockets, and be sure to check the ground around you. Sometimes, when you fumble for your keys, they fall to the ground right behind you. This is something that locksmiths report happening a great deal, so be meticulous!

Check All the Doors and the Windows

Sometimes, you get lucky, and though the door you are looking at is locked, a window or another door might not be. Go around and make sure that everything is locked up tight, but do not attempt any risky climbs or try to squeeze in a place that is too tight.

Make Sure That You Are Safe

If the weather is very cold or very hot, it can be dangerous for you to be outside for too long. While getting into your home or car is a high priority, make sure that you are standing somewhere safe. Knock on your neighbor’s door. You can also find some shade, find a cool or warm place where you can wait, and of course make sure that you stay out of traffic.

Call a Locksmith

When you call a locksmith, make sure that you are very clear about where you are and how to find you. For example, if you are in a parking lot with your car, mentioning the fact that you are wearing a red coat and are close to the shops is a good help for them. Make sure that the locksmith has your phone number in case he or she needs to call you.

Remember that being prepared is the best response to getting locked out. Make sure that you have a locksmith that you can trust on speed dial and consider having a spare set of keys made.

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